Weekly EP Revue: Emblem3 fails to impress

After coming in fourth on the second season of Fox’s “X Factor,” Emblem3 were greeted with open arms by thousands of fans as they prepared the release of their debut album “Nothing To Lose.” Their success granted off the album led them to create and release the follow-up EP, “Songs From The Couch Vol. 1.” Failing to make many strides forward, their independent EP failed to garner the recognition of their mixed review debut. Now in 2014, the trio, who recently became a duo, hope to experience the same fame that came from their stint on the “X Factor.”

Titled “Forever Together,” Emblem3’s latest release showcases more of the op-reggae blend listeners were previously exposed to. The resulting EP is a collection of halfhearted, alarmingly plain tracks with very little individuality to be noticed. The brothers, whose debut release had been produced through Simon Cowell’s label, have been the charm to this ordinary necklace, as both “Songs From The Couch Vol. 1” and their current release will most likely fail to gain any sort of lasting traction.

Clearly picking up from Cowell’s ability to churn out boy band material, “Obsessed” focuses on what sounds like meaningless lyrics. Providing nothing new to the industry, this track may have actually been permissible had it had the backing of their old label. Without industry marketing though, this track is sure to enter one ear and out the other.

What begins as an actually interesting song soon falls to pieces on “Don’t Know Her Name.” From its opening guitar strumming beat to the singers’ wispy vocals, “Don’t Know Her Name” presents itself as a new direction for the brothers, but that soon changes as the song progresses and becomes extremely similar to “Obsessed.”

The album’s only memorable track is the easy-listening title track, “Forever Together.” Sweet and simple, this minimally produced track perfectly captures fluid motion as its blend of reggae and pop music creates a warm atmosphere. Similar to some of Bruno Mars’ earlier music, this track is the only one with relevance.

“Forever Together” is not anything special. Sure, songs on it could be entertaining for a long car ride, but in a world saturated in fun car music, why even bother spending the time looking into them? Unless of course you want to be one of the few people that will remember the words to a single one of their songs. For Emblem3, it seems as though their 15 minutes is up.


4 thoughts on “Weekly EP Revue: Emblem3 fails to impress

  1. This is ridiculous. Emblem3 wrote, recorded, and produced all their music themselves. They have great, strong, powerful messages within the lyrics of their songs. I feel bad for anyone who cannot see that. Emblem3 is unique, and gives off a positive vibe. After both albums and the ep staying in the top 5 albums and top 20 for a while says a lot. With fans all over the world, it does not matter how big they get. What matters is how many people they make happy, and change lives. Please rethink and relisten to Emblem3, and see how much they really do.

  2. Absolutely objection!Emblem3 are talented singers and producers. They experienced a lot this year and express their feelings and spirits in the songs. What they are doing is what they like to do and we all fully support them. They write and sing to make listeners happy and stay positive. They are always sweet and humble, being the ones they are, not the one we want them to be. Come on guys. You are the best!

  3. First of all, your organization seems standard but are the words you used appropriate? It is mean for a report and what’s words, simple mistake exists. Can you just tell me what is “op-reggae”? I think you should be shameful for a non-english reader to point out your fault. How much do you know about pop-reggae? I think it is enough for you students to open up an essay but before that you may take years to do a research.

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