Goodell must go

As most of us are aware, the NFL is having some distractions to the 2014 season. Roger Goodell is the NFL commissioner and lately has been under a lot of pressure after the Ray Rice case, where Rice beat his wife, Janay Palmer. As new information is coming out, people are wondering if Goodell is doing his job. I don’t think what he is doing is good enough, and he should lose his job because of it.

When the Ray Rice suspension first occurred, people were outraged the NFL only gave him a two game suspension. Goodell has made a mistake there, but when the latest video came out, new information arose that Goodell had the video when they made the two game suspensions. It is reported that the NFL received the video from TMZ; if this is the case he should be fired and banned from the NFL. It is unacceptable for anyone to have a gruesome video such as this one and not do anything about it. The actions the NFL and commissioner Goodell have taken in the Ray Rice saga have been watched carefully.

The biggest reason I feel he should be fired is he has had no solution for any of this. The only thing he did was indefinitely suspend Rice. He then decided to change the policies of domestic abuse, but I personally don’t think that will help because it won’t be complete until the time of the Super Bowl. There have been two cases after the Ray Rice incident involving superstar running back Adrian Peterson with his 4-year-old son and Johnathon Dwyer who was arrested for abusing his wife and 18-month-old son.

Since the start of the Rice circumstance, there have been three incidents where there has been some sort of abuse, and Goodell isn’t doing what he needs to do to make a reputable standing for the NFL. It shouldn’t matter if one plays professional sports or not, there shouldn’t be these problems. Goodell shouldn’t need to take until the Super Bowl to make rules that shouldn’t have to be rules. Goodell has done some things that aren’t good for the sport, and I think it would be for the best if Goodell is fired as NFL commissioner.

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