Pick up bill for equality

Since the beginning of the century, women have been fighting to have the same rights as men in America. Inspirational women such as Susan B. Anthony paved the path for women today. Even though women are equal to men, not only do the media, but people themselves, form the stereotype that men are just a tiny bit better than women. Men are supposed to be in control of everything and women are meant to sit back and allow that to happen because if she does want to be in control, she seems bossy and stuck up.

It is traditional for a man to pay for certain things such as dinners, movie dates and expensive items. It looks better if a man can pay for these things because it shows that he can afford to support his date in the future. Even though women can work, it is still mentally instilled that men should be head of the house. Some women are single parents, and so a man that can pay is a type of security. Men grow up learning that they need to provide for women and pamper them. Even though men are expected to act this way, they are not entitled to any special treatment after they do. Just because they hold the door open for a girl or pay for dinner, the woman does not need to worship them. In this day and age men feel more entitled after showing their kindness.

When I go to dinner with my significant other, I do not expect him to pay and I always insist that I pay. Maybe the first date the man should pay, but as the relationship continues to grow, it should be even. Sometimes the woman should take the man out on a dinner date and he should not feel any less manly or weak. It is empowering when a woman is able to survive on her own and pay for her own meals. If the man was not with her, she would be paying for the meal herself regardless. This struggle for equality is blamed on both genders. Women preach about wanting certain rights, yet allow men to categorize them. On the other hand, men put women down with their simple actions of arrogance. So next time you are at dinner think, “Is he paying because he is chivalrous, or he feels as though he needs to?” This is the difference between a gentleman and a follower.

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