Free pizza draws numbers for collegiate organizations


This is the time of year when free pizza becomes a staple on campus for students interested in joining organizations. Just tonight as I wrote, a kind gentleman from the Mentor Scholar program brought pizza to the staff at The Oswegonian.

Free pizza has become a staple of the daily student diet. It even fits into the pyramid with the daily calorie count for students ages 17 through 24.

Michelle Obama is probably not happy with me saying this, but pizza covers all the essential food groups. A wise man once said, “Pizza does it all.” You have your dairy in the cheese, grains in the dough and tomatoes to round it all off. All of these are baked to perfection to get the right amount of crispy in one circular pie.

The first thing that comes to mind when free pizza is announced is, what am I going to have to skip in order to get pizza? The next question is: Can I get seconds?

Student organizations that give out free pizza are great organizations. If your organization does not have free pizza, that is OK. You can eat other organizations’ pizza.

One of my good friends recently took advantage of two back-to-back free pizza meetings. I applaud him for his dedication to free pizza. Ed, you sir are a master of free pizza. I wish I could be as skilled as you are with taking advantage of free pizza. In fact, you are the reason why some people argue that there should be an amendment to the Constitution; an article that states freedom of pizza.

It was once rumored that The Oswegonian provided free pizza on Fridays at their staff meetings. This happened one time and there was not enough room in our office for the people who showed up. There wasn’t enough pizza either.

Students: go out there and collect the free pizza. Whether it’s from Cam’s, Franco’s, Mark’s, Bridge Street, Two Brothers, Pies Guys or the dreaded national chains of Domino’s and Pizza Hut. Free pizza is free pizza, so enjoy it while it lasts.

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