‘The Voice’ frontrunners

Currently in its sixth season, NBC’s The Voice is one of the most watched shows in the U.S. With many different rules, stages and genres represented, this season has been one of the most confusing, surprising and best seasons in its history.

The Voice, which is currently in the new playoffs stage of performances, is down to 18 contestants. From Team Blake Shelton, three artists have already been picked to represent their coach in the live rounds. In the following two episodes, the other coaches will each pick their top three as well.


Team Blake

The two front-runners are Sisaundra Lewis and Jake Worthington. Both have been selected, along with Audra Mclaughlin, to go to the live rounds to represent the country superstar.

With Sisaundra Lewis, Shelton’s team may be the strongest. Her vocal range is nearly unparalleled. After her second battle, where she sang James Brown’s “It’s A Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World,” Lewis showcased an amazing ability to perform long vocal runs. She also will be strong going forward as she will have the support of Celine Dion, who Lewis acted as vocal director for previously.

Then there is Worthington. An aspiring young country singer himself, Worthington is a front-runner largely because of his laidback personality. In season five, Worthington had tried out for the show but did not turn chairs. Now that he is back he seems to be an early favorite.


Team Shakira

The two contestants that will make the live rounds are Dani Moz and Patrick Thomas.

Moz is a favorite because of her powerful voice and stage presence. After beating out early favorite Clarissa Serna in the Battle Rounds Pt. II, Moz has proven herself  a strong contender.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Thomas with his gritty, down-to-earth vocal prowess. From the beginning, Thomas picked up niche fans on social media. Thomas is so well-liked that after being knocked out in the first battle rounds, Shakira stole him from Adam Levine.


Team Adam

The frontman of Maroon 5 has found himself quite the eclectic grouping of contenders. From softer singers like Jake Barker to powerhouse pop vocalists like Christina Grimmie, Levine has ensured himself a strong standing moving onto the live rounds. And, while nothing is locked yet, the two are surely front-runners.

Barker, a newbie in the music industry, is somewhat of a dark horse candidate for a frontrunner. In his audition, Barker was hardly noticeable. But during the battle rounds when he faced off against Stevie Jo singing Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love,” he came into his own.

Grimmie however, is far from new to the industry. An early favorite and most likely the future winner of season six, Grimmie entered the show with the largest fan base of any previous contestant. With over 2 million fans on Facebook, as well as millions of YouTube subscribers, many wonder why this pop vocalist is even a contestant. But no one can deny that she has exploded the stage with renditions of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars.”


Team Usher

This season, the R&B artist has collected a team that is largely centered around one contestant: Bria Kelly. However, Stevie Jo may give Kelly a run for her money.

A self-proclaimed R&B artist, Jo won his battle against Barker and since then has proven himself worthy of Team Usher. His original and recognizable look makes this young artist a shoe-in for the live rounds.

Finally, there is the bluesy rocker Kelly, perhaps the one contestant that may swing the votes away from Grimmie. She has a small existing fan base from a short stint on “America’s Got Talent” and her intense rendition of James Taylor’s “Steamroller Blues,” and an equally impressive one of Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart,” have shown Kelly’s voice is raw and uncontrolled. Out of the shows’ six seasons’ worth of contestants, Kelly may be in a league of her own.

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