Campus recreation sports report: co-rec volley champions crowned

No. 1 Bumpin Uglies defeated Volleybrawlers in four sets and was crowned co-rec volleyball champions.  (Photo provided by Campus Recreation)
No. 1 Bumpin Uglies defeated Volleybrawlers in four sets and was crowned co-rec volleyball champions. (Photo provided by Campus Recreation)

With the start of April, Campus Recreation is ready for a fast and active spring. Walking to Wellness began on Tuesday and will be in progress until April 30.  The 102 participants will log their steps with a personal pedometer to reach their fitness goals.

With the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Final Four set for this weekend, the Campus Recreation bracket challenge has set their final two.

Austin McGrath and Ryan Miske will battle for the crown depending on the results of the Final Four.  Both of the participants have the University of Florida as their projected champion.

The 6 V 6 dodgeball and team handball leagues began last week. In the dodgeball league, 44 teams combined to register for the co-rec, men’s and women’s divisions.  In team handball, 15 teams are ready for action between co-rec and men’s.

The last team to earn its championship in the spring volleyball league was the Bumpin Uglies in the co-rec division.

The Bumpin Uglies came into the playoffs with the No. 1 seed and did not look back.  After a 3-0 sweep in the first matchup, the champions were tested in the second round with a five-set victory over Ten Foot Line.

In the championship game, they would square off with the seventh-seeded Volleybrawlers. It took four sets to name Bumpin Uglies as the 2014 co-rec volleyball champions.

The indoor soccer league concluded Monday night with the co-rec and men’s competitive championship games. Both games proved to be a fight to the finish as players went all out for the win.

In the co-rec league, Generic Team Name took the win over Team Swagger, 5-3.  Captain Brandon Comden led the team with four goals.

“It feels really good to win,” said Comden. “The girls weren’t afraid of anything and our goalie (Matt McDorman) really stepped up to the challenge.”

Valeria Kudinov also scored a goal for Generic Team Name. For Team Swagger, two goals were scored by Tamoy Coke and one by Cruz Walcott.

For the men’s competitive league, John Kane’s Muffin Top won over the former indoor champions, The Incredibles.

“I’m really, really happy,” captain Marlon Calliste said. “We had a great offense and defense, which really helped us to grind out this win.”

Stephen Gambardella started the game with a goal for John Kane’s Muffin Top. The Incredibles responded with two goals by Tamoy Coke and Lucas Padilha. Gambardella put John Kane’s Muffin Top back in the lead with the next two goals.

Abdul Bello of The Incredibles tied up the game with a goal to make the score 5-5 at the conclusion of the end of regulation.

In the golden goal overtime, Mike Rotolo of John Kane’s Muffin Top scored his second goal of the night, leading his team to a 6-5 victory.

“Overall, it’s just a great feeling to win and push past the reigning champs,” Calliste said. “I’m looking forward to playing again next year.”

Standout players of the men’s competitive indoor soccer league championship included Mike Rotolo of John Kane’s Muffin Top and Tamoy Coke of The Incredibles.

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