Valentine’s Day isn’t just chocolates and teddy bears

Another year has come and gone, and suddenly it’s Feb. 14 again. Every convenience store is piled high with red and pink gifts for that special somebody. Partners are frantically running around, hoping that their gift will suffice. Those in committed relationships like to refer to this day as Valentine’s Day. However, those who are not, usually view it as “Single Awareness Day.” Suddenly, the realness of your lack of a love life is blatantly evident.

Valentine’s Day marketing motives and the quest for social acceptance can leave a person feeling inadequate. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be based on love, right? Well, then you too can celebrate this holiday. Celebrate the love you have for your friends and family. You can do this by going to the movies and/or out to dinner. If you’re tight on money (like the majority of college students are), stay in and have a movie night in your dorm surrounded by comfy blankets. Even just sitting around and talking can be a great way to show appreciation.

Being around other people who are single as well can really put things into perspective. Perhaps some of them may be feeling the same way as you, or maybe some of them are having a wonderful time snickering at the pointlessness of heart-shaped candy and overpriced cards. This brings me to my next idea: owning your singleness and being fierce about it. Remember, if you are alone, then you have no obligations to anyone. Gone is the stress of picking out the perfect gift and living up to borderline unreachable standards, and all the other drama of Valentine’s Day with it. Spend this day celebrating you. If you’re still feeling down, you can hit the gym to get your mind off of things. Exercise has been proven to increase and stabilize your mood, so it could be just the thing you need. Maybe you’ll even meet your future lover by bumping into them in the line for mat spray.

If working out is not your thing, you could buy yourself something you’ve been wanting for a while, but couldn’t think of the perfect excuse to get it for yourself. Retail therapy is always a good idea. Just make sure it’s a reasonable price so you don’t further your frustration. Or sometimes you could choose to ignore the holiday all together. Even people in relationships sometimes choose to do this, as they do not feel there should just be one day to show appreciation to their partner. Follow suit and join the revolution against forced love.

The most important thing to remember about Valentine’s Day is that it is merely that: a day. It will come and go before you know it. This too shall pass.

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