New media bumps cable

(Photo provided by Flickr)
(Photo provided by Flickr)

Keeping up with television is not easy for a college student. So when it comes to watching shows, Hulu and Netflix are the best available resources. But which one is better?

Netflix has thousands of TV shows and movies available to watch at a monthly cost of $7.99. Hulu Plus, the paid version of Hulu, is also $7.99. For both Netflix and Hulu, all you need is the Internet and a device to stream from. Both Netflix and Hulu have apps that can be accessed from your iPhone, iPad and other devices. People can also use the new Chrome Cast that allows you to stream your computer onto the television.

Netflix doesn’t have commercials, which gives you more time to spend with the show or movie. This is great for a college student who is procrastinating or just bored. Hulu has commercials, even when you’re paying for Hulu Plus. The commercials are usually about 190 seconds span and over four different commercials. But with regular Hulu, you can still watch shows whereas to access Netflix you have to have a subscription.

Netflix has shows from the ‘90s, like “Freaks and Geeks,” and it has shows that are currently on air, like “Portlandia.” Netlflix has many genres of movies, such as anime, documentary and more. Netflix also helps find things that you might like just by what you watch. Like Netflix, Hulu has shows that no longer air but it mainly has current shows. It also has movies and TV shows that are older, like “The Abbott & Costello Show.”

(Photo provided by Flickr)
(Photo provided by Flickr)

But what Hulu has that Netflix does not is on-air shows. It has more than enough shows to catch up with, but current episodes of shows that are airing now are not on Netflix. Also Netflix has a time limit for each of the productions that it plays. For example, Saturday Night Live is only available from the 2010s, but earlier episodes used to be available.

However, many paying for cable and Netflix, Hulu Plus sometimes does not seem ideal. But for many college students, it is a temptation.

Both have access to many different things and in a way, can work with each other. If you catch up on a show using Netflix that is still airing now, you can catch up with the new episodes on Hulu. It really depends on what you want to watch. If you like to just binge-watch a show without any disruption, then use Netflix. But if you’re just missing the time for the show because you’re “studying,” then use Hulu. Either way, both are great ways to watch TV.

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