Drone crashes into Lake Ontario near Oswego port

On Tuesday around 1 p.m., an MQ-9 Reaper Drone fell out of the skies and crashed into Lake Ontario about 20 miles north of the Port of Oswego.

The drone came from the 174th Attack Wing of the New York Air National Guard base at Hancock Field Base. The Reaper took off from Fort Drum in Jefferson County before it later crashed.

The 174th Attack Wing announced that no one was injured in the crash and the drone was not carrying any weaponry. The drone was on a routine training mission when it suddenly crashed into the lake. An investigation is expected to take a month.

Search teams were deployed from the United States Coast Guard, but nothing has been recovered as of yet. The search was called off last night due to poor weather conditions, which has not been declared as a factor in the drone’s demise.

The 174th Attack Wing has asked the Air Force for assistance in the search, but has yet to hear back from them. Boats and aircraft will not be deployed for search efforts without coordination from the Air Force, so they have stuck to combing the shore for parts.

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