This may not be your week. You will find yourself distracted while trying to do your work. Do your best to work through the distractions, even if it means flying under the radar for a while. If you manage to work through it all, you may be happy with the results.


You may feel as if you have a lot to deal with right now in regards to a difficult social situation with a friend. Do your best to work through it and make things right. You may not be sure what to do, so don’t be afraid to call on a friend for help. Try to make things right. It’s not worth losing a friend.


You may be a bit confused over something that happened this week, but don’t worry. Try to find some time to think about things and figure out your best course of action. Trust yourself to find the answer, no matter how long it might take.


A friend or acquaintance may come to you with a problem that you disagree with. Don’t lie: Tell your friend the truth, even if it may hurt. Your friend should expect you to tell the truth and you should oblige. The best friendships are based on the truth, so don’t be afraid to do what’s right. 


Your daily routine may be thrown out of whack this week, but that may not be a bad thing. Change will be good for you, so try to give everything a chance. It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you stay with it, you may be happy with the results.


You may be in the spotlight more than usual, as you will be relied upon for help from friends and family. With everybody seeking your help, things may get a bit overwhelming, but remember to try and do whatever you can to help. It’s always good to have a friend’s back.


This may be a very emotional week for you. You may be forced to deal with issues that you may not be ready to handle on your own, so ask for help. Don’t try to deal with everything by yourself. There’s always someone out there who can help.


You may not have been happy with a friend recently, but you kept it to yourself. You may feel the urge to confront this friend, but take a minute to think about what’s bothering you. You may find that the issue is not as big as you think. Try to work through the issue on your own.


Your family may be upset at you for something you did, and they have every right to be. But don’t worry. Your family is your family for a reason. They will forgive you if you ask them. There are always times of chaos, but your family will always persevere.


You may find that everything has gone your way recently. Don’t get cocky and brag about your success, as things may be set to turn around quickly. Your personal and social life may not go your way, but stay true to yourself. Take the good and take the bad.


You may not be sure how to handle what has become an emotional issue for you, but don’t worry, you just need to ask for advice. Go to your friends and you may find the answer you are looking for.


A friend may come to you with a problem that you don’t know how to solve. Don’t try to give advice for the sake of giving advice. Take some time to understand things to ensure the best possible response. Your patience will pay off and you might have the solution.

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