(David Owens | The Oswegonian)
(David Owens | The Oswegonian)


It’s been a tough week and you may have realized that you’ve been more stressed out than usual. What you may not have realized while you were caught up in your own stress is that you’ve been short-tempered with the people you care about lately. Step back, take a deep breath and try to smooth over any rough edges you may have caused in your relationships this weekend by spending some stress-free time with your loved ones.



If you’ve been feeling a little stuck lately, you might want to try a change of scenery this weekend, Taurus. Simply rearranging your furniture, redecorating a wall in your room or house, or even just reorganizing your closet can be enough of a change to spark your creativity. If you have the means, however, you should get out of your normal space and go somewhere new. Take a trip into town, out of town, into nature and just make it something different.



You love to learn about new things and talk about them with everyone you meet, but this week, Gemini, you may be jumping the gun on a few things and alienating people instead of interesting them in what you have to say. In order to ensure that your conversations go smoothly, try to think things over before speaking. This week, make your focus on listening instead of talking, and you may learn some things you never could have imagined from some unexpected people.



This week, you will find out that something you’ve been wondering about for a while is true. The information you receive may seem outlandish and the source untrustworthy, but Cancer, go with your gut on this one. No matter who is delivering this information to you, don’t say no to the next opportunity they extend to you. You may get the chance to explore something you never imagined you’d be able to in your lifetime. But before you get too distracted going after this exciting new venture, don’t forget to thoroughly enjoy the last thing you were chasing and caught.



Be careful of your wounded pride this week, Leo. Someone stepped on your foot and you want to make sure he or she never does it again, but if you retaliate too harshly it may cost you something valuable: a grade, a job or even a relationship. You may want to talk over your plan of action with a more level-headed friend before you do anything to try and resolve this situation. If you can, just let it go—it’s not worth your time anyway.



You haven’t been yourself lately, Virgo. A hectic schedule and a prolonged bad mood have switched your outlook on life to the negative side of things. If you don’t find a way to switch back soon, you’ll really start to feel glum. Luckily, you have the power to control how you perceive your situation. Take this weekend to relax, clear your mind, and try to change the way you’ve been thinking.



This will be hard for you, Libra, but it’s time to say no. You’re a people-pleaser at heart, but this past week you’ve been committing yourself to help out and hang out with way too many people. If you keep stretching yourself this thin, you will start to resent the people you’ve promised your time to. In order to prevent that, assess what you can and cannot handle and start saying no to what you can’t. It may be hard at first, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run.



You’ve been holding a grudge for a while and it may be time to let it go, Scorpio. Consider whether you are still mad at the person you are holding the grudge against or if you are just too stubborn to give the grudge up after holding it for so long. Either way, if you’re not getting an apology anytime soon, it may be best to forgive and forget, even if you don’t want to tell that person that you are doing so. Sometimes, it’s best not to say anything. Letting go of a grudge benefits you more than the person you were holding it against.



Go with the flow this weekend, Sagittarius, and your luck will guide you. Try not to say no to anything—at all costs, keep your options open. If someone invites you to a party at a house you’ve never been to before, go. If someone you’ve just met texts you asking to hang out, your answer should be yes. Is there a new restaurant in town you’ve been wanting to try? A movie you’ve been wanting to see? A store you’ve been wanting to visit? Follow your whims and they could lead you to something amazing.



Life has been unsteady for you these past few weeks, Capricorn, but not in a bad way. You might have gotten a job you’ve always wanted, moved to a nicer place or been swept off your feet, but no matter in what way, things are changing for the better. Sometimes that can be a hard adjustment, but don’t sweat the scrapes or the bruises. This week, you’ll be more prepared for the new things that are coming your way. Just enjoy yourself this weekend and trust that you’ll know what to do next.



Procrastination is getting the better of you, Aquarius. All of your work lately has been bogged down in the little details, and, as always, you want more of a focus on the big picture. Unfortunately, if you don’t stick it out and complete these fundamentals, you won’t ever make it to a place where your great ideas can shine. It will be tedious, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Perhaps enlist a friend who’s been struggling with similar work to keep you both on track.


Pisces, if you’ve been slacking off for a while, it’s time for you to start working hard. But don’t worry, you’ll actually want to work hard this time. Soon, you will be running into a challenge worthy of your skill, and you will accept it head on and put the best effort you ever have into completing it. So keep your eyes open, but don’t think too hard about it. When you see it, you’ll know. It’s an opportunity that you’d never let pass you by.

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