Creative Writing: Confessions of a Ransomed Woman

(Steven Radford | The Oswegonian)
(Steven Radford | The Oswegonian)

Confessions of a Ransomed Woman 

By: Kiana St Louis

Covered in sin

My hands filthy

My heart deep in pain

My knees giving

In this position I’ve been many a time

But to speak to God?

It’s never even crossed my mind

What do I have to say?

I’m already neck deep

Suffocating in sadness, drowning in sorrow

What is the Lord to do with me?

My weight shifted as I push to rise

A force from behind

It’s on my knees I reside

God just give up on me! I scream

What do you want with a sinful wreck like me?

I’ve been places that I shouldn’t have been

Right after church, sometimes right before the sermon!

Drugs and alcohol make up the blood in my veins

How I made it this far? Tuh! They say it’s you I should thank

But why?

I question your will

My faith tattered

My joy ill

But day after day you allow my heart to beat still

My vision impeccable

My senses are booming

God I am shame

But it’s your love you keep showing

Heavy tears in my eyes

As I cry my final sigh

I finally realize

You broke me down to build me up

A part of your plan to fill my cup

You never gave up

To bring me closer to you was the purpose of this journey

Through the gutter I’ve been but to show me your mercy

I am royalty

Though I was stubborn, sinful, weak and small

He still loved me the same, above it all

My God the perfect one!

In love he paid my ransom through his son

Yes, I was once chained to a life of sin

Playing in Satan’s game, for he was my king

Yes I was guilty, full of pride and greed

But who the son has set free, is free indeed!

Forgive me; I scream it’s my life I give to you

It’s a new life, start and heart you give me new

For his sacrifice has broken me free

With my new heart, and new hope, I now sing

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