Guide to All Hallows’ Eve

(Lily Choi | The Oswegonian)
(Lily Choi | The Oswegonian)

Next week we all channel our inner spirits and celebrate Halloween! It’s the one night where it’s acceptable to dress up in costumes, or in any particular way, and to get away with it. Creativity and imagination comes alive during this time of year, yet it’s common for people to get frustrated creativity-wise. So if you’re feeling stuck on any of those matters and are open to advice or suggestions, here are some tips to make your Halloween that much more spook-tacular.

1. Bring Back the Horror Factor! In recent years, the tradition of Halloween has been blurred. Too many people have made the switch to making Halloween a costume contest, based on pop culture. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but we’re in the age where sparkling vampires and apparently Miley Cyrus are rapidly becoming popular. Bring back the gore, the blood, the thing that makes Halloween so scary and fun! Bring back that horror factor; going old school never hurts.

2. Who Says Halloween is one Day? Let’s be honest, we’re in college now, and I don’t get why we didn’t do this in high school. With Mondays becoming “Man-Crush Monday” and Thursdays becoming “Throwback Thursday” why not have an entire week dedicated to Halloween? Make up some crazy quirk for every day leading up to Halloween, like maybe horror film Monday or ‘80s Wednesday. Halloween doesn’t have to be limited!

3. More is Always Better! If you’re stuck on costume ideas, or simply lack some initiative, don’t be afraid to run a similar costume idea by some friends and make it a group thing. The holiday doesn’t always have to be about your own costume. Bring attention to the whole group! This may prove to be                                              more entertaining.

4. Party Hard and Stay Safe! No, your parents didn’t write this tip, but no matter who says it or how often it’s said, it doesn’t take away from the message. You can bet it’s better to be known as that person at the party who danced his dark side of the moon off than the person who passed out drunk and had to get SAVAC’d. It’s no secret Oswego likes to party, and Halloween is one of the nights Oswego goes all out. Going all out is fine, no problem with that, but be sure to take care of yourself and each other out there!

With all that said, go out there and enjoy your Halloween! Even if you don’t plan on going out, you can always kick it in the dorms with a group of friends, turn off the lights and watch some awesome horror flicks. I don’t know how many people are aware, but AMC has been showing some great classic horror movies all month. Also be sure to check out the Halloween open mic at Penfield and hear some great performers, or even some scary ones. Whatever you do, just get out there and create some memories this Halloween.

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