Nation unites over painful memories

Twelve years ago, time stopped when the strongest country in the world was suddenly attacked.

Sept. 11, 2001. A day no one will ever forget and a day on which no one can forget where they were when they first heard the terrible news. The United States of America fell under attack at three locations within a short amount of time.

In New York City, pandemonium ensued when the Twin Towers, known as the tallest buildings in the world when they were built, were struck by commercial airplanes. First responders rushed to the scene, while some fled for safety and others watched in shock from afar.

The world seemed to suddenly stand still. Classrooms evacuated, people left work. Those who knew people working in the area quickly called to check on them. My uncle was supposed to be on one of these planes, heading to Los Angeles for business. Something caused him to change his flight to a later one.

At that time, no one knew why not just one, but two airplanes would crash into the buildings. Three thousand people lost their lives that day. From Shanksville, Pa., to the Pentagon, to Lower Manhattan we vowed to never forget anyone who was lost that day.

On the 12th anniversary of this tragic day, we have seen tasteless advertisements and thoughtless statements. It is important that we stick to what we said: never forget.

First responders flocked from all over the country to help the world’s largest city recover. Thank a first responder today; let them know you appreciate what they do. Bring up 9/11 with your friends. Talk about what you remember from that fateful day and most importantly, never forget.

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