Laker PR to host Singe the Binge kickball tournament

The Lifestyles Center, in conjunction paired with Laker Public Relations, which was formed as part of a PR capstone class, is holding a “Singe-The-Binge” kickball tournament.

The tournament will be taking place on Saturday, May 4 from 8-10 p.m. in Swetman Gym. The event is part of a capstone project for public relations majors at Oswego State.

The tournament is meant to inform the campus community that consuming two less alcoholic beverages in a single night can provide a significant health benefit, according to a press release from Laker PR. Any students and faculty can participate in the event. It looks to provide something to do other than going out to drink.

“We are holding the tournament as an event students can attend prior to or rather than going out,” senior Kelsey Clark from the capstone class said. “The main motto of our campaign is “Singe-the-Binge” and to simply drink two less drinks a night when choosing to go out. We aren’t here to tell students not to drink.”

Clark’s group is competing with two other groups from the class. The groups are trying to get the Lifestyles Center to choose their particular campaign. Clark’s group felt that kickball would be the best sport to appeal to more people on campus.

“We thought it would be more appealing to offer a sport that isn’t already an established intramural league,” Clark said.  “We also think kickball is a fun game people of all athletic abilities can be interested and participate in.”

Registration for the tournament will begin at the door where teams will be made. Students will also have the ability to pledge to consume less alcohol or become involved with more Lifestyles Center activities. The winning team of the tournament will receive a prize. More information can be found at

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