WNYO Loud Rock album of the week: ‘United’

Skid Rock returns with a five-song EP. (Photo provided by metalsucks.net)

The hard rock kings, Skid Row, have returned guns blazing with their newest EP, “United World Rebellion: Chapter One.” The New Jersey-born band, rocking since 1986, had released their previous album in 2006, but their return to music is still as exciting as ever. The EP is only five songs long and stands at 20 minutes and 38 seconds, but it is a fulfilling journey.

The first track, Kings of Demolition, opens up with the lyrics “We’ve got the bullet and the bible we defend it with, you can’t believe what you’ve been told/ No such thing as zombies or an alien apocalypse/ We’ve got the matters in control.” Then the rest of the song is bursting with energy and it is reminiscent of 70s and 80s rock ‘n’ roll music.

The second song keeps up with the same energy and acts as a supplement to “Kings of Demolition,” as they sound quite similar. While this may seem like a con, it works well, as this is only the beginning of the EP, and the rest of it has a large variation in sound. Plus, this song ends with a spectacular guitar solo that will cast your doubts about the EP aside.

The third track, “This Is Killing Me,” is quite the heartfelt power ballad. Acoustic guitar is included into the heavy and hard rock mix. The catchy chorus displays the vocalist singing, “We’ve got the skin to watch ‘em bleed but underneath, this is killing me,” and then proceeds to repeatedly belting out “This is killing me,” throughout the rest of the chorus. This song is the black sheep of the EP, but it stands out well, as it will stay stuck in your head even during the next song, which is called “Get Up.”

The song starts with a grungy guitar riff that is sure to get your head banging. The song will be a crowd pleaser at concerts, as the chorus’ lyrics state, “Get ready to get up! You know you gotta get up! She’s ready to blow! Get up,” and the lyrics “get up” are shouted with gang vocals. This song is a little slower than the others, but still retains a heavy feel and features a slick guitar solo to close out the song.

The last song, “Stitches,” works well as a closer to the EP, as it opens with an epic intro of an interesting drum fill. While it is not too interesting technically, it works well to get a crowd amped up. Strong verses and choruses rule the song, and it ends with a complex guitar solo that continues into the last verse, ending the song with a bang.

The only negative aspect of this EP is its length. It would be interesting to see what else the return of Skid Row has to offer and how they have progressed as musicians, but as the title of the EP states, this is only the first chapter of Skid Row’s return.

Overall, this is a strong EP in the hard rock genre with a lot of variation in sound. Skid Row fans will rejoice and fans of classic rock and grunge will enjoy this hectic release. This impressive EP is one that is sure to be a banger this summer as you are driving on the highway with the windows down.

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