Creative Writing: Her Kiss

Her Kiss


She wants me,

She wants it,

She wants my lips.

But my shyness & fear freezes me at the tips.

Her soft soothing sweet smell… I move closer,

but something is amiss.

It’s like I get this close to you,

then I’m blocked by a mist.

A metaphorical mist,

that stops us from our bliss.

I’m so close to everything I wanted… you,

and now I’m stopped with this.

But each day I see you,

I fight more & more through this abyss.

Until we reach the day of our first kiss.



The taste of Dominican brown Swiss,

you are bliss,

our warmth breaking through that abyss,

I mean mist,

I don’t know what love is but I do know this.

The magic that starts with her kiss,

her candy kiss,

sweet at the lips,

tingling the world from my tips.

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