‘Spring Breakers’ explores disturbing trip

‘Breakers’ takes viewers on a wild ride. (Photo provided by wbab.com)
‘Breakers’ takes viewers on a wild ride. (Photo provided by wbab.com)


“Spring Breakers” tells the story of four friends who escape to Florida for spring break. Once there, all of the expected results unfold, but as the film continues, unique story lines develop within this artsy/indie film. “Spring Breakers” is directed by first-feature-film director, Harmony Korine, who is mostly known for short films, such as “Lotus Community Workshop,” and “Gummo.”

Overall, the best two words to describe “Spring Breakers” are insane and unexpected. For a film that is very much “artsy,” it is still filled with hundreds of aspects that will appeal to mainstream viewers. Features like blurry close-ups and weird angles are outside mainstream, but the movie will certainly reach out to those who normally stick with blockbuster hits.

The actresses and lone actor in the film certainly help this movie achieve the positivity the movie deserves. Vanessa Hudgens (“Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”) plays a crazy, semi-suicidal character that is completely in another world separate from society. She is flawless as her character and has definitely come a long way from her origins in Disney.

The next person to acknowledge is James Franco (“Oz the Great and Powerful”). His character, Alien, who is convinced he is from another planet, is also a drug lord, who along with Vanessa Hudgens, is involved in some of the best scenes of the movie, as well as some of the funniest.

The other two characters, played by the director’s wife, Rachel Korine (“The Fourth Dimension”) and Ashley Benson (TV’s “Pretty Little Liars”) are just as interesting to watch as Hudgens and Franco.

The four main actresses within the film, as well as the main actor, are all pretty convincing, with the exception of one. Unfortunately, Selena Gomez (TV’s “The Wizards of Waverly Place”) is slightly less convincing as the ‘holy roller,’ Faith. Faith is simple and yet her personality can be somewhat confusing. It is difficult for the viewers to believe that this holy girl has been able to stay friends with the crazies that we meet in the other characters.

Viewers should go into this movie acknowledging the fact that it is not for the faint of heart. This movie takes extreme measures to ensure that every person within the theater will see just how crazy the girl’s adventure is. While this movie was extremely good, it could be considered disturbing in some of the more graphic parts, even if it is later smoothed over with a funny, yet awkward moment, later on.

This movie is filled to the brim with crazy moments. From the time the girls chose to rob a diner to obtain money for Florida, to the time they decide to stay with a drug lord, the characters turn this movie into complete mayhem. But it is good mayhem. This movie is a hilarious, action-filled, film about girls gone bad.

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