Creative Writing: The Custody Battle

Rarely any recognition shown to him because of the number of dead beats

He has to show his love through the number of receipts

Receipts to prove that he takes of his child

Never knew showing paternal love was such a big crime

His voice, he has none, its in-existence because of statistics

To stand in front of the courts and have no assistance

Cooked and stirred into the category of an unfit father

While the mother continues to lie which she doesn’t seem to be bothered

Bothered, wasn’t bothered to slaughter him cause she herself was fatherless

Lies told on him consistently claiming he was never physically there

Saying as he put his child to sleep insisting that they were having a sexual affair

Forced to look at his image being diminished and misplaced

Misplaced into the stereotype that most black fathers are a disgrace

No appreciation for his role, his effort and even his hard work

Cause baby mamas are too busy screaming fuck you, you bastard you jerk

What happen to the duties of justice fulfilled by the courts?

They’re too busy taking money out of checks for unfair child support

Justice isn’t belittling a father, degrading him, taking away his kid

Just cause the mother couldn’t follow the bible

The 10 commandments said lying is committing a sin

This man’s character was erased and tarnished

While the mother’s closet was full of clothes and garnished

The bias and corrupted system is what my father faced

Just cause of the number of fatherless children of his race

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