Coextistence of sexes

It has been happening since the beginning of grade school: the cootie epidemic. This rift between boys and girls continues into their adult life, but why is that?

There are things that men do that women will never understand, whether it’s the things they wear, why they play video games so much, the things they say or even how they communicate with one another. To guys, women are a whole different breed; from their hair and clothing to their language, males will spend an eternity trying to figure out this other species.

The ordinary, everyday students of Oswego State are fed up with the opposite sex, and they have no problem expressing their feelings about it.

“Women f*** with your head,” said Nate Wells, an Oswego State sophomore with a constant curiosity about the female species. “You never know what they’re thinking; I know exactly what I’m thinking, but I can never figure them out. I just don’t get it.”

Wells was able to sit down for hours and ramble off a list of things that he does not get about women.

“Why do they always ask so many questions?” Wells said. “Questions about everything. Why are you sleeping or why are you wearing this?”

Wells said he hates when women get mad over the smallest things.

“Even just the most miniscule things—it’s because they’re so sensitive,” he said.

But don’t get him wrong. This 20-year-old loves women. Butt, teeth and hair are the traits, in order of importance, that he looks at first when scoping out a potential mate.

“I love it when they wear sundresses,” Wells said. “And yoga pants are the wonder bras of butts.”

Wells is not the only guy that finds women’s attire the highlight of their walk to work. Dan Guglielmo, a sophomore at Oswego State, loves a fashionable gal.

“I like to see them in trendy outfits but seeing them dress casual is sexy too,” Guglielmo said.

Guglielmo explained that there’s nothing better than seeing a woman with her hair in a ponytail with little to no makeup on.

“I hate it when they cake on makeup and when I go to hug them it smears all over me,” Guglielmo said.

Although the physical aspects of his female counter-parts are a turn-on, Guglielmo had no problem finding the turn-offs.

“They over analyze and everything has to be a big deal,” Guglielmo said. “Stop blowing everything out of proportion, if I say, ‘I’m at home just chilling,’ that’s what I’m doing. I’m not out with some girl hooking up with her like you automatically think.”

Now ladies, don’t get upset, it’s your turn to dish it out. Stephanie Rogo, an Oswego State junior Zoology major, was just about biting her tongue when the males were interviewed.

“First of all, all guys want to do is play video games,” Rogo said. “If a girl is with you, don’t sit down and play video games, pay attention to her.”

Rogo had some words of advice for the men in her life.

“If you like someone, stop being a p****, just tell us you’re interested!” Rogo said.

It only took Rogo a few minutes to formulate the perfect guy in her head; the results: “The smile has to be perfect, teeth are white and straight,” Rogo said. “They need to have cut arms and some tattoos.”

“A fresh cut is important and they need to have swag,” Rogo said.

What is swag, you ask? Swag, according to, is a male’s appearance, style or the way he present himself.

“No socks with sandals, no oily faces and absolutely no body odor,” Rogo said.

As for things the perfect boyfriend should always do, Rogo explained that a boyfriend should never allow you to pay, always hold your hand and never let you drive. “Even if he’s tired, he can suck it up,” she said.

Katie Sullivan is a junior at Oswego State. She’s another curious female that had a few questions about males in general.

“Why do they always put their hands in their pants when they’re just sitting there watching TV?” Sullivan said.

“I just don’t get this constant fascination with video games,” she continued. “It’s like they’re socializing with themselves.”

One giant pet peeve that Sullivan cannot stand is what she referred to as the “point system.” She explained that at her old job the males would have a point system ranging from 1to 10. They would rate the girls that came into the store using this point system, one being the ugliest and 10 being the hottest.

“A female would walk in and the guys would immediately rate her on this point system,” Sullivan said. “They would say stuff like, ‘Oh dude, that chick is definitely a 10 right there.’”

For Sullivan, a nice smile will make her swoon any day. “He doesn’t even have to have perfect teeth but when he smiles and it makes me feel happy, then I know he’s a keeper.”

Guys, take note on this one. To avoid a blowup from your girl, train your wandering eye.

“When you’re with a girl, you should only be paying attention to that girl, no one else,” she said. “Once he starts looking at other girls, that’s when competition between the two females starts.”

Needless to say, both males and females have traits and characteristics that make the other just want to kick them in the face.

But there’s hope. For thousands of years, males and females have co-existed on this planet. And though the cavewomen may not have liked that their cavemen wore a loincloth made of saber-toothed tiger pelt instead of woolly mammoth fur, they were still able to survive the times.

Sure, guys hate it when women leave their giant clumps of hair in the sink. But just remember, guys—at least you have a woman with nice, luscious hair to leave their hair in the sink.

We have lasted this long, but only time and evolution will tell if males and females can co-exist for much longer.

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