Valentine’s Day almost as awesome as Thanksgiving

(Devon Nitz | The Oswegonian)
(Devon Nitz | The Oswegonian)

Although Valentine’s Day was a day ago, as I write this, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and I’m excited. No, I do not have a girlfriend, but I do love candy.

In my opinion, it is impossible to dislike a holiday that condones eating enough candy to contribute to the obesity epidemic. Also, being single during Valentine’s Day allows me to put more emphasis on the good parts of Feb. 14 and less on love. So without further adieu I give you why Valentine’s Day is awesome:


1. Chocolate is always awesome:

Seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate or candy or sugar or anything that rots your teeth? Valentine’s Day is all about the chocolate, and chocolate is awesome. Maybe my mom will send me a box of something good or maybe a secret admirer has been waiting for this special day to surprise me with candy. Hell, if no one wants to buy me chocolate, then I’ll just go to Kinney’s and grab a box for myself. Best of all, I won’t get judged…because it’s Valentine’s Day.


2. Being single on Valentine’s Day is awesome:

I’ve done the whole being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. I’ve done the whole flowers, candy, movie and being cute thing. While it’s all good and fun, it costs a whole lot of money. Dinner is expensive, buying a present is expensive…everything is expensive nowadays. But being single on Valentine’s Day will cost me little to nothing, which is awesome.


3. Valentine’s Day puts (almost) everyone in an awesome mood:

Almost everyone is happy on Valentine’s Day, same for those who aren’t in a relationship, but don’t appreciate being single. Good spirits will flood through the streets of Oswego, and song and dance will be witnessed all over the city. I mean, maybe it won’t get to that level, but it will surely be a happy day. How can people not stay happy when there is an abundance of candy and heart-shaped pizza in Oswego?


4. The fact that Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday was awesome:

Valentine’s Day or not, Thursday is a major party night at Oswego State and the fact that the holiday will fall (or rather did fall, by the time that you’re reading this) on this fateful day is absolutely awesome. I can just see it now: Old City will be its normal, belligerent self, but with an added Valentine’s Day effect. Maybe they’ll have discounted shots or maybe I’ll just grab an aforementioned heart-shaped pizza on the way home.

The only thing I know for sure is that everyone at the bar on Thursday night will be my valentine.

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