Moonlight Bridge gives fans treat with EP


A pop band hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Moonlight Bridge, have stepped out of their comfort zone with their new release, “Dead Language.” Using a much less stripped down effort, Moonlight brings some of their best work to light on this b-side treat. Following a successful 2012, their new release will either carry them further in their success, or take them two steps back after one step forward.

The EP starts with “Open Waters,” which sets the general tone. The track’s dark tone allows the lyrics, which are the biggest beneficiary of the group’s simplified effort, to shine. The lyrics invoke a wide range of emotion and, coupled with a simpler and profound sound, allows them to reach a real level of sincerity. The band takes a darker turn with the first track “Wild Heart.” While the first track was reminiscent of The xx, the second shows the band can create a song with their own personal style. This track is driven by the acoustic effort of the band, which is where they are at their best.

The third track “Diego,” an acoustic version of a previously released song, is one of the strongest songs on the EP. Its dream-like feel is the product of the sound growing in the current indie-genre scene. With that said, it is not repetitive or tiring but a refreshing take on what attracts listeners in the first place. This track’s extended melodies start to acknowledge the change in the direction of the EP. The last two tracks “It Could Happen” and “Silver Slumbers” are the most stylistic efforts from the group.

With less focus on the lyrics, these songs seem like the bands effort to truly explore another sound and impose their own style on it. The sudden change of pace between these two last tracks gives the impression that this was a cohesive effort. Even in a collection of B-sides, placement and pace remains important. The group did a great job with this EP.

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