Letter to the Editor 2/8/13

At the age of 70 and retired, I still look forward to hearing about what is happening in Oswego. Why is that? I think about that often. My only answer is that something special happened there.  I am sure it could have happened somewhere else, but it happened there.

Over a four-year period I learned a great deal, most of it not reflected in my GPA, but certainly reflected in what happened in my life. Perhaps most, I learned to overcome adversity and the failings within me. Diverse experiences stimulated my drive to succeed, savor and enjoy. I learned to love and appreciate a wonderful sunset.

For all of you at Oswego now, I hope that you will open your own doors and surge through them. Then I hope that, at the age of 70, you will look back at your Oswego years and realize how important they were. They certainly were for me. Take advantage now.


-Peter Fland, 1964

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