Shaun Cassidy students garner laughs *Web Exclusive*

Every Saturday, usually in the Campus Center, The Shaun Cassidy Fan Club performs improv comedy routines for students to enjoy. The club was formed in 1990 by humor columnist Tim Mollen, and has evolved throughout its 20 years of service. By performing short and long form type of skits and making uncensored and mostly hilarious stories, Shaun Cassidy has grown from its previous life of a single long-form type of comedy to more of a “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” multiple skit format.

Saturday, Nov. 3, Shaun Cassidy was just as funny and outrageous as ever, which, considering the loss of multiple members to a comedy festival in Rochester, was a surprise. Especially since the club’s president and vice president, Mike Fisher and James Domachowske, were absent for the comedy festival. However, still, the remaining Shaun Cass crew still managed to bring the same, energetic, and hilarious performances that they have in past weeks. Nicknamed “Turtle’s Takeover,” after member, Ryan Kiely (better known as “Turtle,”) last week’s performance was all in good fun. Led by Kiely and fellow member Brittany Cole, the troupe performed seven different games in an hour period; all of which were amusing.

The strongest performances came from Cole, who led and participated in some of the weekend’s most memorable skits including fast-paced guessing in House Party; Garrison Kingston who had a hilarious interpretation of The Dating Game; and Lou Deuteronomy overall performance through the use of accents and even funnier one-liners. This is not to say, however, that other troupe members performances were not as good. Performances such as Ryan Geary’s interpretation of directing in the skit “Director.” Kiely’s approach to a foot-fetish addict and Ben Schleider’s funny insistence to continue talking even after walking away from the microphone also added laughs to the show.

In “House Party”, Cole shinned, playing a host guessing the characters of the guests at her party. Not only could she figure out the different characters, but she did it in a way that was hilarious. In “Dating Game,” three troupe members stood out. Kingston delivered a comical performance of a rude and annoyed host, and potential bachelors of the game: Deuteronomy, a Hispanic music lover, and Kiely, a man with a foot-fetish, brought original acts that left everyone in the audience laughing until they could not breathe. While some parts were awkward or not all that funny, the overall performance level of each member definitely made up for the little mishaps.

While sometimes too raunchy, the troupe’s great acts and hilarious personas make The Shaun Cassidy a must see group on Campus.

In an interview with the troupe’s leaders, Cole and Kiely had many things to say:


Ackley: What is your favorite game Shaun Cassidy does?

Cole: “My favorite games would have to be pick-up lines, four definitions, and long-form skits.”

Kiely: “MacGyver because you really have to think on your feet to figure out how to use the three items to solve the problem.”

Ackley: What was your favorite game/skit from last week? Which ones went over the best?

Cole: “Last week I was really impressed with how the whole troupe did with “Dating Game.” I thought everyone did really well and we had a lot of fun with it.”

Kiely: “House Party because Brittany did a good job guessing.”

Ackley: Whose performances from last weeks’ did you find memorable?

Kiely: “Myself and Lou in Dating Game because it was the first time either of us had used those characters in a show and they seemed to go over pretty well. Also the image of what I had to do in Remember When will be scarred into my memory for a while.”

Ackley: How long have you been a part of the troupe?

Cole: “I’ve been in the troupe since November of my freshman year.”

Kiely: “I have been going to practices since September 2010 and have been in shows since December 2011.”

Ackley: What has been your favorite moment since you joined?

Cole: “I don’t have a specific favorite moment since joining, but the first time I did 4 definitions in a show was at the end of my freshman year, and I did it with Brynn, who used to be in the troupe, and it was her last show and it was the first time that we were doing it in a show and it went really well and was a lot of fun”

Kiely: “My favorite moment was Chris Daniels’s (graduated last year) performance in Elimination

Ackley: How would you describe your humor?

Cole: “I don’t know how to describe my humor, other than that it’s weird, and I do things that make me laugh and sometimes other people think those things are funny too, which is great.”

Kiely: “My humor is generally witty but it has been known to take a turn to the darker side.”

Ackley: What kind of character do you think that you do the best? (Personality, accent, and emotions) and What characters do you act as? (names, and what that characters like)

Cole: “My favorite character so far has been the one with the lisp that loves to say puns. I usually just use my own name, so maybe I need to make one up for her!”

Kiely: “I like doing characters with different personalities because I am not good at keeping accents. The Characters I do are: Phillip, the guy with a foot fetish, the “Pussy Train” rap group. Those are the only ones I have done in shows but I have others I want to try.”

Ackley: Do you enjoy doing Shaun Cassidy? And, finally, Do you think you’ll continue doing comedy past college?

Cole: “I love doing Shaun Cassidy! I would love to continue Improv after college wherever possible.”

Kiely: “I really enjoy doing Shaun Cassidy because it allows me to get my crazy out and it comes off as comedy and I have no idea what I am doing with my life after college.”

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