Election 2012 Coverage: Live from Ann Marie Buerkle’s Headquarters

With tonight’s Election Night 2012: Live from Oswego coverage, the Oswegonian, alongside of WTOP, will have live coverage from the 24th Congressional incumbent candidate, Republican Ann Marie Buerkle’s headquarters from the Doubletree Hotel in East Syracuse. Reporters will also be attending Democrat Dan Maffei’s headquarters. This blog will provide live updates from Buerkle’s headquarters throughout the night The 24th Congressional Race is one of the most heavily watched congressional races in the country tonight.

– The latest polls by the Siena Research Institute show Maffei and Buerkle are neck and neck in the polls, each holding 44 percent of the support from likely voters. Green Party candidate Ursula Rozum holds 8 percent of the polls.

-Election coverage from The Oswegonian, WTOP-10, and WNYO 88.9 FM can be found on Twitter under the hash tag #OzLive2012.

–Television coverage will begin at 8 p.m. and can be watched on campus on channel 10.1, channel 96 locally, heard on WNYO 88.9 or streamed on either the WTOP or WNYO websites.

-More coverage will be posted throughout the night.


– The Doubletree ballroom stage is ready to go for tonight’s events. The event should be getting started any minute as we get close to the nine o’clock hour.


-Buerkle’s campaign manager David Ray has been walking around, but Buerkle herself has yet to be introduced to the room. The crowd is slowly starting to fill up the room.


-Onondaga County Republican chairperson Thomas Dadey just took the stage to fire up the crowd. He said results are starting to come in and the room will be updated as numbers start coming along.


-Out of 102 of the 427 election districts reported, Dan Maffei is leading the polls in Onondaga County with 47 percent of the vote, Buerkle is at 44 percent, and Rozum is at 8.5 percent.Ā Chairperson Dadey says he anticipated Maffei having an advantage in Onondaga County, but Buerkle is stronger in other parts of the district. For the most updated Onondaga County polls go to onvote.ongov.net.



– Republican John DeFrancisco has won the 50th District State Senate seat in Onondaga. Even though Buerkle is behind in recent polls, DeFrancisco told the crowd not to give up hope. He said Maffei didn’t campaign much and referred to the debate invitation that he declined a few weeks ago. “It’s not over until the fat person sings,” DeFrancisco said.


Onondaga Republican Chairperson Tom Dadey says Maffei didn’t campaign in Cayuga and Wayne counties. Maffei is still ahead in the polls.


CNN has projected Democrat Dan Maffei the winner of the 24th Congressional District with 79 percent of the vote in. Republican candidate Ann Marie Buerkle came out and addressed the crowd for the first time tonight to address her supporters. She made a point to emphasize her support for the troops.

5 thoughts on “Election 2012 Coverage: Live from Ann Marie Buerkle’s Headquarters

  1. Thats it NY, lets keep a person in who votes to keep adding to the NATIONAL debt, wants Obamacare (even president stated he did not mind this phrase, so back off libs and wait till you find out how free this healthcare is not going to be). I have always said, if someone wants to be stupid, sometimes you have to let them. I just never thought I would be referring to my country as a majority. No worries on my end, I can see the writing on the wall based on the past 4 years (don’t even start, Dems controlled house and senate for first 2 years so look at your own stupidity, not mine). I guess the takers and unions control all now. Welcome to your future when you complain when you realize how you have been used, lied to, and eventually thrown aside. When you realize the truth, it will be to late for Anne Maries in your future.

  2. @Patty… Your comment is quite amusing, but that doesn’t surprise me at all. It was written by a right winger and most of the comments you Republicans make are hilarious when they are not repugnant or pure and simple idiotic. No political party is going to accomplish much in spite of holding both chambers of Congress if they don’t have a filibuster proof majority. With a party of NO, like the Republican party, whose main goal (publicly stated by Mitch McConnell) is to make sure the president fails you should not ask yourself any questions about what was or was not done during the first two years of Obama’s term. As far as the health care is concern…. that is not a subject you have the mental capacity to approach. Knitting and crossword puzzles may seem a lot more accessible to you. Give them a try.

    1. @ Patty, How true. Elections have consequences and soon they will see. I wonder how ignorant can people be not to see what is happening. We have become a shallow society in which pop culture has replaced our values. I hope we survive the next four years.

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