Romney in good standing after first debate

If you had any doubts about Mitt Romney, after the first Presidential Debate, it should be obvious that Romney should be our next President. Over 67 million people tuned in to see the great orator, the almighty Barack Obama take on the challenger Mitt Romney. Many expected that the cool, confident Obama would make Romney look incompetent and out of touch, however they got a surprise.

Mitt Romney laid the smack-down on Obama. Romney came out of the box fighting. He was confident and compassionate. He spoke of his plan to fix the economy, balance the budget, lower the deficit and put American’s back to work. After all, he is an excellent businessman who has saved failing businesses and turned them into profit making companies. You do not go to Valvoline to get your taxes done, nor do you bring your car to an accountant when it breaks down.

Mitt Romney was in control and Obama did not stand a chance. Obama went back to his blaming of the former administration for the economy. The plan he put forth was nothing new; instead it was the recycled plan from his 2008 campaign.

For some reason Obama could not stop accusing Romney of the $5 trillion dollar tax cut to the wealthy. Romney explained that the number was nothing more than a figure that the Obama team made up. Obama kept saying, “It’s math;” I think Obama needs to get a calculator.

Romney was relentless when it came to calling out Obama on the facts. Obama told Romney that he has a plan to reduce the deficit and it is going through Congress now. Romney countered with “You have been president four years….you have said before you’d cut the deficit in half. And this – I love this idea of $4 trillion in cuts. You found $4 trillion of ways to reduce or to get closer to a balanced budget, except we still show trillion-dollar deficits every year. That doesn’t get the job done.”

As the debate continued, Obama kept digging himself deeper and deeper with lies and half-truths. Obama kept throwing numbers, figures and accusations at Romney, hoping to throw him off his game.

Romney never flinched. He let Obama have it by saying, “Mr. President, you’re entitled as the president to your own airplane and to your own house, but not to your own facts.”

In looking at this first debate, Obama’s arrogance was obvious. Obama looked bored and at times outright hostile. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, maintained his stance with dignity and appeared more presidential.

Romney came prepared and ready to engage in a professional debate but Obama refused and fell flat. However, the very next day at a campaign rally amongst his adoring fans, Obama calls Romney a liar. He said that this is not the Mitt Romney that was on the campaign trail. He did not have the guts to say it to Romney’s face.

It has become apparent now that the Obama campaign may be in trouble. Obama’s regime was running damage control the very next day. The media was in shock. Obama, the great one, is a mere mortal.

Al Gore along with a few other Obama cronies stated it was the high altitude that had caused Obama to falter. David Axelrod, Jay Carney, Robert Gibbs and the rest of “Team Obama” were claiming that everything Romney said in the debate was a lie and the media is buying it.

Instead of Obama accepting the fact that he blew this debate he and his administration comes out with an ad stating that Romney wants to shut down Sesame Street. Yes, this is what the most brilliant man in the world thinks the people want to hear. He is going after Romney for saying that he would not fund the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). PBS is making a fortune off of Sesame Street and does not need taxpayer money.

They have spent an entire week on Big Bird. The Middle East is on fire, the economy is tanking and gas prices are soaring and all Obama cares about is Big Bird?

I cannot wait for the next debate which will be on foreign policy. What will be revealing is if Obama will tell the truth about the assassination of our ambassador. Romney needs to call him out.

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