Premiere Living Suites offers new housing

Premiere Living Suites held its “Off-Campus Housing Party” at the American Foundry Tuesday night to show the company’s off-campus housing options while providing games and food to guests.

PLS is operated by Greg and Pat Furlong, brothers and owners of the Fulton-based housing company, Furlong Properties. They have created this off-campus alternative to provide the best quality housing for students, using the motto, “Live. Dream. Succeed.” Live is in reference to the fully furnished apartments, dream includes all of extras involved and succeed has to do with the essentials (Internet, cable, utilities, etc.) that PLS provides for its tenants.

The party started off with a housing meet-and-greet where partygoers were taught all of the benefits of living in one of PLS’ complexes. The list of amenities rivals that of a five-star hotel that is run by a group of college students.

The list is extensive and impressive: A 24-hour fitness center, a movie theatre, a game/recreation room and a 40” flat screen TV in your living room, just to name a few. Add to that the fact that the buildings will be located closer to campus than most off-campus housing options and you have got quite a bit of positives.

“The suites will be all inclusive, brand new and amazing,” Office Manager Meredith Hilton said.

Property manager Naomi Price described the housing complexes as “geared toward high quality, luxury student living.” While its luxury is apparent by the list of amenities, it is also apparent by the monthly cost. Living in the suites costs $949 a month, but with all of the extras included, Price says that it is “more affordable than the Village.” These costs are subject to change after Oct. 15.

The party continued with a complimentary dinner and presentation, giving an overview of the units and company, then concluded with a raffle drawing and everyone’s turn in the money-catching machine. The Furlong Brothers did an excellent job of catering to their interested guests, a good sign for those who plan on making these men their landlords.

If you are not an Oswego State student, then you can still apply to live in the housing complexes. However, since the suites are geared toward students, then preference will be given toward them. PLS is not affiliated with the school, but they are in no way trying to hide their allegiance to serving Oswego State’s students.

For more information on PLS or interested in applying to live there go to

Students attended the Premiere Living Suites party at the American Foundry on Tuesday, Oct. 9.

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