Campus recreation weekly intramural sports update

Fall broomball league began Sunday in the Campus Center ice arena. Throughout the six games, teams dominated their opponents with shutouts aplenty. The Turtles crushed Kisses ‘n’ Thugs, 5-0. Oswego Hurricanes conquered Quatro Loko by the same score. The highlight of the night, however, was the game between Pwoi Eaters and Snipe Chirp Cele. Snipe Chirp Cele’s offense was unstoppable as they repeatedly scored on Pwoi Eaters, ending the game with a 9-0 shutout victory.

Tuesday’s games brought some more even scores. Figure It Out scored two on Toon Squad for a 2-1 win, while Pound Town earned their name, pounding the Metards, 2-1. Points were plentiful as Back Dat Pass Up faced off against the Horde, starting off their season with a 7-0 victory. The Rolltiders followed up with a 6-0 win over O-Town Yuccas.

Players put up numbers this past week in intramural soccer, starting the semi-finals off with a bang. Nicholas Roney scored two goals for #ABunchOfLosers, resulting in a 3-2 win against the Foot Fairies in the men’s rec. division.

The men’s competitive division showed some serious foot skills as Matthew Ellis scored two goals for Real Womp, securing a 3-0 win over PaddyMurphy. Team Swagger dominated the field with five goals against The Bumble Beez, for a 5-0 win. Connor Thuotte and Ryan Thayer each scored two goals.

Playoffs began Thursday among the Honkies, Gary’s Pub FC, Cosby Kids and The Bumble Beez in the men’s bracket. The Bumble Beez scored two goals in overtime against the Cosby Kids, securing a 3-1 win. In the co-rec bracket, Matt Sheffer dominated The Guild’s offense, scoring seven goals against Oswego Odyssey for a 9-0 win.

@Mufasabros started out the intrumural softball week with a nail-biter, edging out a 7-6 win against the Green Team in the co-rec competitive division. In another close game, the Expos squeezed out a narrow win against the Honey Nut Ichiros ending the game, 14-12, in the ninth inning in the men’s competitive division.

In the men’s competitive division, No Glove No Love excelled with over 10 home runs in their semi-final game. Beginning the week with a 19-17 win over Dirty Mike and the Boys, they came out ready for semi-finals. Not letting up, they conquered their Friday game against The Alladins via mercy rule. Starting out as an even competition, The Alladins and No Glove No Love played an even game, until the sixth inning. No Glove No Love scored an unexpected 18 runs to clinch the victory 33-21.

Flag football’s co-rec division held its championship game Friday evening between Necessary Roughness and Cedric. Necessary Roughness took the league with a 35-15 win.

Men’s league also saw some high scoring games Friday with the Rams demolishing the 19th Street Gangstas, 46-6. Team TBD held their own during Saturday’s game, dominating the Replacement Refs 13-0, with an unstoppable offense. The Rolltiders kept up their offense in a 41-20 win against No Suh For You. In a closer scoring game, Phi Tau beat Vick’s Pond, 13-12.

Sunday’s games brought high scores, with teams scoring over 30 points. The Replacement Refs did not let Saturday’s game deter them, resulting in a 30-0 win against Good Game. No Suh For You could not catch a break, losing 48-13 to Delta Kappa Kappa.

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