Campus Recreation Weekly Sports Report

Week two of outdoor soccer brought some high-scoring games, shutouts and goals by several players. In the co-rec competitive division, Shannon Cilento scored two goals for the Ball Busters, who wrangled in another four goals in a 6-0 win over Cracch Kickers.

In the co-rec recreational division, the Fat and the Furious shutout the Cracch Kickers, 7-0, with Nick Blakeslee scoring four goals. In the same division, Joshua Argus scored two of the three goals for The Goonies against the Brick Squad for a 3-1 win.

The men’s recreational division went full-force, with the Cosby Kids shutting out Tau Kappa Epsilon, 8-0. Brian Chojnacki and Christopher Sale scored four and three goals, respectively.

Intramural softball saw some great double plays during week two. The Rolltiders, as well as the Sons of Pitches, had good defensive and offensive plays on the diamond. The Alladins saw some action with a homerun by Connor Gordineer. Nick Dremiller homered for No Glove No Love during his first bat of the season. Andrew Morr and Brett Topai also came through with a homerun each.

Come rain or shine, intramural beach volleyball continued strong in week two. Despite their 3-0 loss, the Rolltiders put up a decent fight against Sets on the Beach. Practice Safe Sets and the @MufasaBros both displayed good volleys.

Intramural flag football had a great first weekend of high-scoring games, blowouts and even some ties between hard-fighting teams. The 13Lib Crew showed unstoppable defense with a 34-0 victory against Club Lacrosse. Weather ended the game between the 1st Round Rookies and The Replacement Refs during the third quarter, but they braved the weather until the 5:38 mark.

Teams had some close-scoring games Saturday, especially between Haters Gonna Hate and the Laker Dream Team, ending the game, 26-24.

In another nail-biter, the Rams and the Eskimo Brothers finished their Saturday game, 14-12. High-scoring games were played by The Guild and Kiss My Asmugha throughout the weekend, with both teams scoring in the 40s on Sunday. The Guild triumphed over No Suh For You, 41-6, while Kiss My Asmugha beat Good Game, 48-0.

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