‘Lord$ Never Worry’ places ASAP Mob in spotlight


Everybody has a clique. Different people with unique styles form a clique. Harlem-born rapper and executive director ASAP Rocky calls his clique the ASAP Mob. ASAP stands for Always Strive and Prosper, and that is just what this mob has been doing.

The group consists of Rocky, Ferg, Ant, Nast, Twelvyy and producers Ty Beats and Yams. They got together to create a promotional mix tape entitled “Lord$ Never Worry.” The album was released Aug. 28 and has gotten great feed back from hip-hop fans all over the world. ASAP Mob’s musical sound is based around 90’s and Southern style hip hop. It may seem weird for seven New York artists to have a southern sound to their music, but that is what makes them so popular.

The intro to the twelve-track album is “Thuggin’ Noise,” which features only Rocky. Bagpipes behind a very complex beat compliments Rocky’s lyrics, which consist of him talking about the “thug lifestyle.” The hook “Rocky where ya been? ‘I’ve been thuggin’ with my team,’” is a perfect opener to the album.

The second track “Full Metal Jacket” begins again with Rocky. This track has every rap member of the mob on it. There are no hooks just lyrics from each artist.

An ear catching song was “Bath Salt” featuring Flat Bush Zombies, Rocky, and Ant. The song was given its title based off the bath salt man-eating incident in Miami. The song does live up to its crazy title. Some of the lyrics give scary bloody imagery, but that is what drives people to listen.

“Purple Kisses,” the second single to be released in promotion for the album has a sample for a beat, which starts with “It’s so easy to fall in love.” A track featuring only Rocky, has a seductive tone to it. Rocky starts off in a whisper-like voice rapping “Purple kisses on your neck, thinking about the day we met.”

Another love-based song is “Freeze” which is produced by Clams Casino. He is famous for making instrumentals that can put listeners in a trance. In this particular song, Casino did just that. A smooth beat matched with even smoother lyrics makes for a song you will find yourself repeating over and over again.

In “Gotham City,” Ferg leads the track with his original flow. Twelvyy follows Ferg rapping “I go hard because the streets thought the least of me.” Once again ASAP managed to create a song that is very addictive and which speak of their struggles to make it to the top. The mob, already well one its way to the top, is not stopping any time soon.

“Lord$ Never Worry” is worth the listen. It’s available for free legal download on ASAP Mob’s website.


New York based ASAP Mob blend 90’s and Southern style hip hop to produce tracks like “Purple Kisses” and “Bath Salt.”

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