Oswego Hockey / Cuba Baseball

On a recent trip to Havana, Cuba, I attended a baseball game. People were on their feet cheering for their home team. Snack wrappers were on the floor, as vendors sold tasty treats. Bats swung with pride held high. Children ran around playing games while their parents sat, watching the game attentively. Crowds of men cursed each other out, fighting over who’s team was going to win.

After having such a colorful experience at the high-energy game, I thought that moment was incomparable. This was until I went to the White-Out game at Oswego a couple weeks ago.

I forgot that people right here in Oswego were just as intense. Students dressed in body and paint and makeup jumped up and down through the year-defining game of all games, while fans spewed countless insults at the Plattsburgh goalie.

Looking at how both sets of fans celebrated both events triggered my interest photographing fans at sporting events. There was a certain feeling I saw in fans’ eyes when I photographed them. Their love for the sports exuded through the image. The intensity flew off the screen when I sifted through images after shooting. Although everyone was there for the players on the field or ice rink, the fans are what make the game so interesting and compelling to watch.

Witnessing these similar displays of support inspired me to create a video slide show with photos from both games. There are so many issues in the world that mark a divide between these two different cultures, so why not draw some similarities between them. Compare and contrast as you may: Oswego Hockey, Cuban Baseball.

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