Canadian company considers factory purchase

The Canadian company, Spire Group Limited is considering a purchase of the recently closed Birds Eye Foods Plant in Fulton.

Pinnacle Foods Group LLC announced last April that Birds Eye Foods would close its doors in December. Upon closing, it laid off 250 union workers and 30 management workers.

Fulton Mayor, Ron Woodward, met last week with an official from Spire Group Limited, a Toronto-based private corporation specializing in the acquisition, design, construction and management of public refrigerated warehouses and logistics business.

Woodward said that several companies are interested in the plant, but only for the manufacturing equipment. However, Pinnacle Foods won’t allow the plant to be sold in sections.

“Spire Group’s main interest is in the freezer unit, which contains 153,000 square feet of refrigerated storage space,” Woodward said. “If they buy the whole thing, we hope we can market the manufacturing part to another company.”

If Spire Group Limited purchases the plant, it may bring some new economics lifeblood to the city.

“It certainly will have an economic impact,” said Beth Hilton, Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce director, “It will cause an increase in jobs, which is always a good way to help the community.”

If the Canadian company purchases the plant, it may hire at least some former Birds Eye employees. Spire Group Limited has about 60 days to reach an agreement with Pinnacle Foods. If the corporation decides not to purchase the property, Woodward says that there is another company seriously considering a purchase.

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