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For those searching for a fun, casual, relaxing atmosphere and hoping for a nice meal around a warm fire, Oswego’s Old City Hall offers all of this.

“If you were a blind Indian mystic looking for the heart of the town, this is where it is,” said head manager Larry Klotzko.

Located at 159 Water Street, Old City Hall provides food, drinks, live entertainment and a friendly staff. It remains an establishment that promotes non-violence and a safe environment for its customers.

“One good thing here at Old City is that we try to make sure that no one will ever get away with any kind violence,” Klotzko said. “We take that seriously and I wish that everyone did.”

At Old City, fresh produce and many other foods are available for purchase. According to Klotzko they strive to provide an array of traditional bar food along with healthier selections. These include a broad spectrum of salads along with the finger foods such as chicken fingers, wings, quesadillas, burgers and fries. They also pride themselves on fresh bread and homemade soups ranging from meat-driven recipes to vegetarian dishes. Weekend specials include haddock, scallops and seafood platters.

“Our food is a light fare, we’re trying to stay away from a price point that is too expensive for our market,” Klotzko said. “Within the realm of people’s budgets we try to offer food that is healthy and enjoyable.”

The Hall is known for its live entertainment; Tuesday nights give way to open-mic performances. This event is also shared on the same night with trivia games starting around 8 p.m. Other promotional specials include Taco Wednesdays, where fresh tacos are sold for a dollar a piece. Of course, Thursdays are known for the mug night featuring 50-cent drafts along with the resonance of karaoke. Friday provides live acoustic performances. Modern jazz bands among other genres bring entertainment to the weekends.

Old City strives to hire local musicians, especially during the winter months. They steer away from forcing artists to travel long distances. Other nights Disc Jockeys are brought in to keep a wide variety available for the public taste.

This Friday, Old City Hall will feature local electrified-acoustic artist Nate Hawthorne with a jazz trio on Saturday.

The establishment exists as a piece of history for the town of Oswego. Built in 1836, maintenance and care has restored the building. It requires more upkeep than a modern building and revenue is used to preserve and construct a respectable restaurant environment. And indeed, Old City Hall has achieved its goals and presents a beautiful interior as well as an extended exterior patio dining location, right on a serene water channel.

Larry Klotzko is the sustaining force behind this establishment. His efforts include acquiring fresh produce and expediting food service. He maintains heating systems and helps provide wood for the welcoming stove.

Old City Hall stands as a cornerstone for all ages and walks of life. Its attractive atmosphere leaves their customers content and wanting to return.

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