New generation of Americans hopelessly unaware of dangers

Is it any wonder that America is in decline? Those of us who remember what America was and what it stood for feel as if we are fighting a losing battle. Why is it that the majority of Americans cannot see the blatant deterioration and the threat of destruction that is apparent on a daily basis?

Could it be denial, ignorance and gross stupidity or are they merely misinformed? Many Americans believe they are news savvy and keep up with current events.

In a 2010 survey taken among adults age 18 years and above, on news consumption venues conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and Project for Excellence in Journalism, 92 percent of those surveyed obtain their news from multi-platforms.

The study revealed that 75 percent of those who used the Internet as a basis for obtaining news received it via posts on social networking sites or forwarded through emails. It is easy to see how the general public can become misinformed or oblivious to the difference between what can be considered important breaking news and popular opinion.

In looking at the major news sources online and their breaking news headlines, the main news articles in the past week featured the Super Bowl and some mention of the GOP primaries which were, of course, negative.

Major events that were taking place on the world stage as well as in our government with the potential to cause further destruction to our nation barely made the news.

Iran has been busy while our mainstream media was focused on broadcasting pop culture. A gas pipeline in Egypt that serviced Israel and Jordan exploded, Iran launched a satellite into orbit, moved war ships on Saudi’s shores, threatened to annihilate Israel (nothing new there), warned other countries that they will be attacked if they allowed a strike on Iran from their land, and Iran is mass producing ballistic missiles.

While the headlines today are filled with Super Bowl highlights, half time hijinx and commercial ad ratings, they continue to divert our attention away from Obama’s arrogance to the threats from foreign enemies. He allows his Marxist government cronies to implement measures to spend us into oblivion and relinquish our liberties.

Many Americans who do pay attention to what is being said about our nation’s downward spiral into socialism, dismiss it. It is called denial. Americans for whatever reason believe that it can’t happen here.

According to an article in the American Thinker, by Steve McCann, American denial may be caused by the overwhelming peace and prosperity this nation has had over the decades, making generations ignorant to the possibilities that the horrors that occur on foreign soil could ever happen here.

McCann states that he and many other Americans who immigrated to the United States from either war ravaged or totalitarian countries, in which freedom was unknown or but a dream, cannot understand how the American people fail to see the dangerous paths we have taken. He believes that it is the result of a lack of education and the appreciation of the United States’ success as a sovereign nation is extraordinary.

Americans have taken for granted the freedoms that our forefathers had worked and died for to keep our nation free. It won’t be until all our liberties are gone and we are ruled by a totalitarian regime, as we become enslaved by the government, that we will truly appreciate what freedom really is.

Our denial is only compounded by our ignorance. Many believe that future generations and the youth of today will bring America back to its original glory. They couldn’t be more wrong. Many of those in college have been brainwashed and are now occupying anything, but what is needed to save our country from the claws of socialism.

The final piece of the master plan to ensure a totalitarian nation is the indoctrination of our youth. Our education system, despite all the money that has been poured into it, is turning children into idiots.

A recent video by a student in a Washington State high school titled, “Lunchroom Scholars” on YouTube shows our hard earned money was put to good use.

The student wanted to answer the question, “How much basic knowledge do American high school students really have?” Apparently, not much. When asked to name the Vice President, a student answered “Bin Laden.” Other students thought that our independence was a result of the Civil War. After seeing the answers given for the number of U.S. states, I would have to think she is the Valedictorian, after all her answer was closer than Obama’s answer of 58.

America needs to come to its senses before it’s too late. Take the song “Greatest Love of All” in which Whitney Houston sang, “I believe the children are our future …Teach them well and let them lead the way.” If this is true, America is doomed.

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  1. knowing is half the battle, ive been arguing with real news for ages, people tend to think that news i get online is simply skewed to one view..that is until i point out so is mainstream news…The news i read is from main stream independent news companies or from well known journalist who happen to be independent…

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