Social Media: An incredible tool for organizations

In this day and age, things are changing faster than we can keep track of. Technology blows our minds every day, and new-and-improved items replace old items at a mind blowing rate. This day and age has created the almighty power of social media, a powerhouse in the world of technology. 10 years ago, the concept of social media to the general public was non-existent. In less than a decade, social media has grown to be a tremendous force in the communications field, as well as society in general. Social media has created an environment for all types of companies to communicate with people all over the world, and this can be incredibly useful.

If you are a Twitter or Facebook user, you probably have viewed a “fan page” or Twitter page for at least one company, probably more. Companies are more and more using social media to their advantage, in many different ways. Take Sunoco, for example. Their Facebook page has an exclusive fan giveaway which you can enter right from the page. Before social media, these types of contests were mainly located within the gas station, and who has time to fill out a bunch of information to have a tiny chance at winning a prize? Normally at gas stations in the present day, people do not even step foot inside the store, because of the convenience of “pay at the pump” services offered by many fuel station chains. Sunoco is a classic example of a company using social media to its advantage.

Although there are none located within the New York State area, Waffle House is a restaurant chain that is located all over the southern and mid-western United States, with restaurants that currently rise up to the Pennsylvania border. Waffle House uses both Facebook and Twitter to the fullest. They “tweet” at customers, display coupons, create fun discussions, and offer “waffle wisdom” messages to brighten your day. Today I was heartwarmingly told by Waffle House that “nothing can dim the light which shines from within”. Waffle House’s Facebook page recently posted a picture of a delicious-looking plate of hash browns, and asked users to create a caption for it by commenting on the picture. 251 comments were given, and almost 20 people shared the post via their own Facebook page. Waffle House’s Facebook page is a playground-like existence on the social media landscape, it seems. Waffle House would definitely be in the popular crowd at social media high school. I can view the page on any given day and find something to read or download or think about, and before social media, I would have believed this to be pure insanity. People on Waffle House’s page praise the restaurant in large quantities every day. “We love you Waffle House!”, “I am in love with this place!” a woman says. Companies like Waffle House are seemingly creating actual “fans” out of customers and clients, which is something very uncommon before the stampede of social media.

Grocery stores are joining the social media interactions as well. Supermarkets like Price Chopper and Wegmans both have active Twitter and Facebook pages, which they update and communicate on at all times of the day. Price Chopper regularly asks followers of their page to give insight or opinion on a certain topic, such as what they plan to do on a certain holiday. People seem to enjoy this communication via the internet; most posts have multiple responders. These interactions make it seem like people can talk literally to their local grocery store, and ask them questions. This notion seems unreal, but social media has made it reality

Social media will continue on as an incredible tool for companies who use them. In terms of the general public, our society would be drastically different without it. As for me, I’m going to go check what Twitter and see what Subway has to say today.

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  1. What is this social media of which you speak? It is just a passing fad, don’t waste your time on it. (Just kidding, great article Tyler.)

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