No ‘Grey’ areas in Neeson’s latest film

The Grey - Liam Neeson
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“The Grey” is a film that everyone can enjoy. This film, even though there are so many different emotions and things going on in every scene, was well balanced. There was never too much or too little of any one thing. It was a horror-thriller-survival tale-drama with a hint of comedy and romance, rolled into one perfect package. It has the perfect amount of fear, humor, sadness, peace, gore, hope, pain and desperation. It is definitely a movie you can see over and over again with anyone and have a great time and something to talk about when it is all over.

“The Grey” is all about survival and how hard one is willing to work to survive. What becomes more important, life or death? These ideas are brought up throughout the film. Liam Neeson (“Unknown”) shows how they would respond (along with the rest of the cast).

Neeson gives an amazing performance as Ottway, who is the main character. His role is full of emotion, sadness desperation, fear and strength. The audience can feel the sorrow in his voice, and can feel the loneliness that he knows too well. His character captures the audience even though you may not fully understand him but one knows that you would want to know him. He is a true man’s man. One of the guys, but also soft and compassionate. He ties everyone together and helps them realize that they are all afraid, and want to live. They all have someone who loves them, who they need to get back too. A life that they miss. These things are enough to bring them together despite their differences and hard feelings they have towards one another.

The audience will jump, laugh, tear up and express any other possible emotion. This film was nothing like what was expected and it was everything one could ask for out of a movie. It will leave the audience wanting more. It will leave the audience in shock, but they will feel a slight sensation of hope.

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