Ingrid Michaelson releases ‘Human Again’

new-4starNew York-based Ingrid Michaelson released her fifth album “Human Again” January 24. The indie-pop artist known for cute love songs, her style in this album incorporates a more somber tone.

Michaelson, best known for her 2007 single “The Way I Am,” which was featured in an Old Navy commercial, is popular for her simple, sweet lyrics and cheerful compositions that are relatable to almost anyone. However, “Human Again” is a lot more mature and serious however, when compared to her past albums with themes such as betrayal and heartbreak. Michaelson also trades in her signature acoustic sounds for some orchestral songs that include piano and cello. This is noticeable in the songs “Fire” and “Do It Now.”

Michaelson’s voice seems more mature and stronger in this new album, making it possible to respect her for, not only her clever lyrics and catchy melodies, but also the range and beauty of her voice. Her voice is on full display in the song “This Is War.”

“Human Again” also features an electronic sound, noticeable in the song “Black and Blue,” but it gets meshed along with her traditional folk, so that Michaelson doesn’t lose herself in the electronic synth like so many artists these days.

With lyrics like, “I’m black and blue and in love with you. You said you never would let me fall, you never would let me fall, but I’m falling,” Michaelson proves that she can feel and express heartache, too.

This album repreents a stepping stone Michaelson had to take in order to become a respected and versatile artist. She took the risk and went outside of her comfort zone; the result is successful and beautiful.

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  1. She’s beautiful; just a fantastic human being. I saw her in concert back in 2009 at Webster Hall in New York City. Listen to “The Chain” – it will heal your soul.

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