Breaking: Rescuers attempt to find man in water

Oswego City police are searching the Oswego River for an unidentified man who jumped from the Utica Street Bridge Monday.

The man was last seen floating near Captain’s Quarters Hotel, according to a press statement from Oswego police. Fire Department divers are in the water searching for the man and the United States Coast Guard have been called to the scene.

The man leaped from Utica Street Bridge at approximately 3 p.m. Police and Fire officials were unable to locate the man, as he disappeared into the water before they could reach him with rescue equipment and before the Oswego City Fire Department rescue boat arrived.

In addition to the man-hunt, officers from Oswego police’s Criminal Investigation Division are looking into the incident. However, foul-play is not suspected, according to police.

The water in that area measured about 44 degrees Fahrenheit earlier today, according to real-time data collected by the U.S. Geological Survey. Data suggests the average body can withstand the Oswego River’s current temperature for only 30 to 60 minutes before becoming exhausted or losing consciousness. Hypothermia is also a threat. The condition, which causes the body to suspend necessary metabolic function, can kill within one to three hours at the river’s temperature.

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  1. Please be sure to exclude the missing man Neiko Lisi from Addison, NY. as the victim of this apparent suicide. Thank you.

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