South African wildlife specialist visiting

Wouter van Hoven
Photo provided by Julibeth Saez

Widely published and experienced African wildlife manager and conservationist will be coming to Oswego State on Monday, Nov. 14.

Wouter van Hoven, a professor at the University of Pretoria in South Africa, will present on the current status of wildlife management in Africa today.

“I thought this was a great opportunity to meet an international individual who has worked in the wildlife management profession for over 30 years,” said Julibeth Saez, vice president of Oswego Ecology/Education Conservation Organization, in an email. “[He] brings a great deal of knowledge and experience working with not only wildlife, but also their ecology which is prime when considering the conservation of species.”

Saez said that van Hoven had been interested in presenting at Oswego State and got OECO involved in bringing him to campus.

OECO was formed last year as the local chapter of Strategies for Ecological Education Diversity and Sustainability (SEEDS), which aims to stimulate interest in ecology and promote sustainability.

His emphasis will lie with elephant management, wildlife diseases, poaching and bush-meat trade.

“I hope that our audience will be able to have a greater understanding of the impacts a slight change in an ecosystem may have to all the lives that depends on it,” Saez said.

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