Crime continues

Halloween weekend continued a string of petit larceny and criminal mischief at Oswego State.

Throughout the weekend, three acts of petit larceny, six criminal mischief cases and one grand larceny, were reported. These are the latest in a recent trend of increased criminal activity. Since Oct. 21 there were 10 incidents of petit larceny and nine counts of criminal mischief.

“It wasn’t a big increase but there was a noticeable increase in visitors on campus because of Halloween,” said University Police Assistant Chief John Rossi. “When there’s more people up here, more incidents tend to happen.”

A purse was stolen in Sheldon Hall on Saturday, prompting a report of grand larceny, a felony. A textbook was reported stolen from Penfield Library on Friday, a phone handset from Cayuga Hall on Saturday and an exit sign from Oneida Hall on Sunday.

Criminal mischief and petit larceny are both considered misdemeanors.

Of the six criminal mischief cases, four of them were reported on Sunday. One included a soap dish broken off the wall in Riggs Hall and a vehicle hood that was dented in Lot 80 by The Village.

Director of Residence Life and Housing Rich Kolenda said that the crimes are not necessarily because of Halloween weekend.

“It just seems like we have more than we would anticipate at this time,” he said.

If the cases were to go through Judicial Affairs, it would count as theft and disruptive behavior, said Lisa Evaneski, assistant dean of students for Judicial Affairs.

“Like all violations — the response is also varied depending on the students judicial history and the overall disruption to the community or members of the community,” Evaneski said. “If a students has been found responsible for stealing or damaging property – they will make restitution.”

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