George Clarke reflects on independent filmmaking

George Clarke, a Northern Ireland native, reminisced about his years as an independent filmmaker on Tuesday night.

He was warmly welcomed and spoke about the experiences he’s had through his work. Allain Daigle organized the presentation along with the Oswego Film Club.

“I never had any education or experience in film at all. I’ve just watched movies from childhood,” Clarke said. “I had a collection of 3,500 kung fu movies at home and that has been my way of learning.

His 2008 film, “Battle of the Bone” was popular after it won the Audience Choice Award at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival in Orlando, Fla.

“That movie to this day is the most media-covered film and talked-about movie ever made in Northern Ireland,” Clarke said.

Clarke is noted for the quality of his films, even when they have microscopic budgets. In an industry where some indie films are capitalized with upwards of $50,000, Clarke sometimes works with fewer than 150 English pounds, roughly $240.

On Sunday, he presented his latest piece of work, “The Last Night” at the Freak Show Horror Film Festival. Clarke wrote, directed and produced his latest work.

“He’s really come into himself with this project,” Daigle said. “And it’s good to see George again, especially since I spent last summer in Ireland.”

Daigle said that of all the filmmakers he met on a class trip to Ireland in March, Clarke was the most personable and that the speech left him an inspirational take-away.

“Even when you have a particular plan in mind, you have to be flexible,” Daigle said. “We are students; we have limited means, but that doesn’t mean we cannot make something great.”

Many viewers jumped and screamed throughout the movie.

“The movie was gruesomely awesome,” said freshman Chris Huckabone.

Clarke also talked about his plans and ideas for future projects, which are expected to take place in 2012.

“They want me to write and direct a movie for Jackie Chan next year,” Clarke said. “It’s my ultimate dream just to hug the guy.”

Many people were impressed with his new creation.


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