Facebook unites Oswego students with alumni

How do you know someone went to Oswego State? The Facebook group “You Know Someone Went to Oswego State If…” aims to answer that question.

The group is run by Bruce Friedman, an Oswego State graduate of the class of 1979. Over 2800 other alumni use the online group to share both positive and negative memories. The group, which has about 2,800 members, allows alumni to share Oswego memories.

Many alumni have fond memories of their time at Oswego State. Wendy Cobrda wrote “Oswego was small enough to be intimate. Professors took the time to know your name and care about you as an individual”. On the other hand, Oswego was big enough that you had a chance to get a great education, be exposed to many cultures… and succeed.” Of course not everyone has so much to say. Daniela Pirraglia summed up her memories with one word, “snow.”

What is it that makes this group so popular? Some believe that the warm memories of college help people remember their younger years. One of the most fondly remembered events is Bridge Street Run, which many alumni said brought them closer together.

Bruce Friedman (’79) is the group’s administrator, but he doesn’t know when the group was created or who the creator was. “One day I got to the group and the admin post was open, so I took it,” he said in an email. Friedman has several other groups that he manages. He claims the group is relatively easy to manage, and that the only thing he has to watch out for is excessive comments.

It is clear that if nothing else, Oswego State is a very memorable place. Something has brought people together years after they have graduated.

“I’d have to say the driving force behind all of these groups […] is nostalgia,” Friedman said.


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