U.P. recieves N.Y. traffic safety award

"The Oswego State University Police Department was recognized for their traffic safety promotion programs on Wednesday at the Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Conference.

"The department received a second place award for traffic safety enforcement and education during the Challenge Awards Recognition Ceremony portion of the conference for their Buckle Up New York and Selective Traffic Enforcement programs. Their efforts will be forwarded to the International Associates of Chiefs of Police to be judged for the National Law Enforcement Challenge competition, according to a release from the department.

""In meeting the goals and objectives of New York state, it puts us in the top of the class of agencies that participate in this program," said Assistant Chief John Rossi Jr.

"Both programs allow U.P. officers to focus on specific goals—namely observing traffic for intoxicated drivers, distracted drivers and aggressive drivers—while being free from responding to routine calls.

"Rossi said the department announces which days officers participate in these programs ahead of time on Facebook, to further deter the aforementioned dangerous traffic practices.

""If we can get people to drive safely without issuing a ticket, then everybody wins," Rossi said.

"As part of their reward, the department received a portable alcohol breath testing unit and a covert data collection device, which allows the department to track the speed of traffic in a specific location without the presence of an officer.

"The department was previously recognized for their traffic safety promotion programs in 2009 and 2010. Lieutenant Kevin Velzy has administered these programs for the department for each of the last several years.

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