Despite limited use, FONEMED will return

"In the year since Mary Walker Health Center began using FONEMED, a medical hotline, only three to five students have been utilizing the service each month.

"FONEMED is an after-hours hotline that allows the students to speak to a registered nurse who can answer students’ questions and help them make an informed decision.

""It is meant to give students an alternative to calling SAVAC or going to the emergency for minor problems or basic medical concerns that occur while Mary Walker is closed," Liz Burns, director of student health services said.

"While FONEMED is meant to be like an alternative for students, Burns said that three to five calls are made per month. Students will not be charged extra for the service. Students pay $153 per academic year for health services. The health center budgeted for 15 calls per month.

"The health center pays $350 a month to supply FONEMED to students, Burns said.

"Although many students do not know about FONEMED they recognize it can have the potential to help students.

""I think it can be really helpful, I have received parent phone calls that there student is too sick and they don’t know what to do," Katelyn Marasco, a graduate student said. "It would be great to tell the parent ‘well call this number’."

"Oswego State is also fortunate to have FONEMED while many other SUNY school like Oneonta, Potsdam and Binghamton do not have any services for students during the weekend. FONEMED provides help from the college to figure out what to do next, in case you have to go to the emergency room.

"Mary Walker Health Center encourages students to call with questions during their normal hours, but when they are not there, that’s when FONEMED is suppose to step in Burns said.

""FONEMED and SAVAC allows for consistent service to students," Burns said. "FONEMED allows the student to get sound advice about their health care. All calls are followed up the next day when the Health Center reopens."


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