Exit sign thefts continue in West Campus buildings

"For the last few years exit signs have been stolen from Oneida Hall and the tunnels connecting Cayuga Hall to the Pathfinder Dining Hall and Onondaga Hall to Littlepage Dining Hall.

"Four exit signs have been stolen this semester. On Feb. 19, one was stolen from Littlepage Dining Hall. On Feb. 23, another exit sign was stolen from Scales Hall and on March 5, yet another exit sign from the tunnel between Onondaga Hall and Littlepage Dining Hall was stolen. On March 27 another sign was stolen from Onondaga Hall. Last semester there were four thefts of exit signs on West Campus.

"According to University Police Chief Cynthia Adam, the department has been working closely with the Fire Marshal and the campus electrician to find a solution. Adam said that one possible solution is putting metal guards over the signs.

""With the Maintenance and Operations department we are exploring other options in terms of guards for the exit signs," Adam said. "They would act as a deterrent to the signs being stolen in some of the key locations where thefts have been occurring."

"Although the exit signs are somewhat costly yet necessary to replace, Adam’s main concern is the students’ safety.

""Students may think it’s just a prank or want it for a souvenir but the loss of the sign affects our readiness to deal with an emergency," Adam said. "It is important not to tamper with these signs."

"Adam also mentioned that the theft of the exit signs is a violation of state law. Students caught doing it will be arrested for tampering with fire systems and for theft. It is also a violation of student conduct to take state property.

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