S.A. candidates debate campus issues

Candidates for Student Association president and vice president met Wednesday in Funnelle Hall to debate before a group of students.

Students quickly jumped to ask questions and the candidates told the audience their plan for next year and what they wanted to accomplish.

One topic that the candidates touched on was the issue of a school mascot. Jonathan McDonald former Director of Athletic Affairs wants to introduce a school mascot, something that Oswego State has never had.

"The best way to get as many people as involved as possible is to step on that platform," McDonald said. "I feel that there is a lack of communication and I want to change that."

John Hughes has created a 19-point system which includes finalizing a parking plan, have more athletic funding, setting up the parking plan with Oswego State President Deborah Stanley, having a 24-hour health center expansion, a 24-hour study room with a printer and improving the textbook buy back policy.

Mike Colucci has similar plans. He said he is not someone who takes no for an answer and plans to help S.A. thrive.

"I want to give the people what they want plain and simple," Colucci said. "As I was getting signatures I got a common response in what they want changed, which was finances. We should be helping the clubs raise money."

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