Centro bus proposal would raise fare for Syracuse trips

A vote will be held in late March to determine if Centro bus fares will increase, which would affect Oswego State students. If passed, the fare increases would begin on Monday, April 25.

Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (CNYRTA) proposed to raise fares for rides within the City of Oswego from .75 cents to $1.00. Under the current contract between Centro and the Student Association, this would not affect students because they have free fare around the city, according to communications coordinator Casey Brown.

Prices would increase for tickets between Oswego and Syracuse. One-way tickets would increase from $4.25 to $5.00, which would affect the 10-Ride Pass. The pass would increase from $38.00 to $45.00, these prices already discounted by 11 percent over cash fares, Brown said.

Brown also said that this would not influence Friday to Sunday free fare between Oswego and Syracuse because of the S.A. contract with Centro. However, students who use the bus to commute would see an increase in cost Monday thru Thursday.

This is under the pretense that the contract stays as is, but Centro is looking to re-negotiate. Brown said Centro will be reconsidering its contract with Oswego State in the near future. It is currently unknown if S.A. will have to pay more for the service.

"Centro will be renegotiating each of their contracts with its partner organizations (including Oswego State) this year," Brown said. "The impact of these negotiations is yet to be determined."

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