BSU celebrates Black History Month

Most Asian, Latino, African and Native American organizations have a week of events, in which they end with an annual dinner. The Black Student Union (BSU) has an entire month of events, in honor of Black History Month.

"[Black History Month] is a celebration of my ethnicity and my culture," said senior biology major Regine Michel.

Throughout the month of February, BSU collaborates with many organizations to promote unity and commemorate prominent events throughout Black History Month. During the month, BSU has partnered with the African Student Association, Caribbean Student Association, Asian Student Asscoation and the Latino Student Association.

BSU has also successfully reached out to other campus outlets. On Feb. 12, BSU hosted a Valentine’s Day brunch in Cooper Dining Hall.

"We’re trying to have a bigger presence on this campus," said BSU’s director of marketing Quindell Williams.

On Feb. 16, BSU even partnered with the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity for a program called "Power," where they re-enacted a court case. In the case, a student was angered by not being admitted to a specific college. He claimed he had great grades and the only reason he was not admitted was because students of color were chosen over him.

In the case, it was discussed that there were 16 seats in the applicant pool for black students to give them an equal opportunity, similar to the Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) at Oswego State.

Senior Adam King and junior John Hughes played the lawyers in the re-enactment. Throughout the case, they spontaneously called on students to act as witnesses. They then asked for their opinion on affirmative action programs.

BSU president Mari-Cruz Alvarado, a junior, agreed with the program. She felt it often got students feet in the door when they had the potential to excel in college.

Other students, however, felt that affirmative actions can sometimes accept mediocrity and leaves qualified students behind.

BSU will conclude Black History Month with their annual variety show on Friday Feb. 25 and their 41st annual dinner "Black Roses: A People Who Grew from Concrete." Williams says that they are hoping for great things for their dinner.

The last program of the month is "Back to Eden" on Sunday Feb. 27, and will behosted by the Oswego State Gospel Choir.

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