Newest member hopes to add to Laker basketball program

"Three years are a long time in sports.

"Having not played a sport also can produce holes in a player’s game because of not being used to game situations. For Oswego men’s basketball player junior Ryan Gleason that’s the story he’s falling.

"After playing two years of college at Monroe Community College and spending an academic year at Cayuga Community College, Gleason is trying to get back into the game he played throughout his career at Auburn High School- the game of basketball.

""I wish I could play both sports," Gleason said. "But with school and homework I can’t play both."

"Gleason knows the game of baseball and basketball are two different types of play, baseball is a more relaxed game, while basketball is a fast-paced game that is constant running.

""It’s just totally different than baseball," Gleason said. "Endurance wise, and it’s an up-and-down game."

"For Gleason, his goal is to put himself in the best position to help the team. He knows that sports can take up a great deal of time and he knows what has to be done to keep with the school work as well.

""He understands how to get work done in the classes," head coach Adam Stockwell said. "For freshman it’s a new routine for him it’s not so hard."

"The most important thing for Gleason this season is to get back to where he was when he had been playing the game on an organized team constantly.

"If he can do that he could add to an already deep Lakers bench.

""We have 9-10 players most are older," Stockwell said when referring to the Lakers depth. "They know what it takes to succeed."

"Gleason would like to be one of those that contribute. Just like when he tried out as a walk-on, he has a group of players also trying to have their name called off the bench.

""When I first started, at my first meeting there were 23 guys attempting to walk-on," he said. "We found out that coach (Stockwell) was only going to keep two walk-ons."

"Despite the small chances a player had of making the team Gleason stayed with his commitment and gave it his all.

""I went along with trying out," he said. "It’s a great opportunity and I made the team as a walk-on."

"For Gleason his key thing is to get back into the game and be consistent with his playing style. He could have played at Cayuga Community College, but didn’t want to waste a year of eligibility so instead he played in local leagues in his hometown.

""As of right now I’m trying to make way up the depth chart," he said. "I’m striving to get better and help the team win as the season goes on."

"That’s when they’ll need Gleason to be at the top of his game. His uncertainty of the conference competition is something he’ll learn throughout the season.

""We have a strong team," Gleason said. "I’m looking forward to starting three-to-four months and all of next season with them. We definitely should be top of the league from what I understand."

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