Select computer labs eliminate print quota sheet

The phase-out of print quota sheets across campus began in departmental labs on Monday.

Print quota sheets, which state the student’s last name and how many pages they have left, were removed from labs in Mahar, Tyler, Syngg, Rich, Sheldon and the Campus Center. They will be replaced if there is a demand and students can still check their quota online.

"So far I’ve heard only good things from faculty and students," said Ajay Lentini, vice president of Student Association. "There has been an overwhelming good response."

S.A., as a part of the 19 Points of Reform passed last spring, approached Campus Technology Services (CTS) in an effort to abolish the print quota sheets. This initiative was pushed to help save Oswego State money and to make printing on campus more environmentally friendly. Lentini hopes to expand the abolishment across campus, including Penfield Library.

"Due to the sheer number of people, students have a hard enough time finding their print-outs with the print quota sheets [in the library], " said Tim Yager, a technology support professional at CTS. "This [removal] could lead to more double printing."

S.A. and CTS are working on finding an alternative method to print quota sheets in the library, perhaps by using a card swipe into a computer, which would release the prints to students.

"We believe that having students swipe their ID cards to deduct paper from their account would work better than the method we have now," said Katherine Raymond, public relations officer for Students for Global Change. "The college could save a lot of money on paper if they just had students swipe their cards at the printer."

There is on-going research on seeing which method is greener; having a print quota sheet or a computer to release the pages. Computers have a big carbon footprint and this system may not fit in the library.

Lentini said he hoped the positive feedback can be used as a base to remove the sheets in more places around campus.

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